List of Universities in Guinea-Bissau

List of Universities in Guinea-Bissau

The Amilcar Cabral University, Guinea Bissau-first university, provides degree programs in journalism, economics, sociology, modern languages, law, medicine, and veterinary medicine.

At the associate level, a degree is typically conferred after three years of instruction. Five years of study result in a bachelor’s degree for law students.

A Medicine General, which is the equivalent of an MD, requires seven years of study in medical school, including an internship. Up till now, all postgraduate studies have to be done abroad.

From the age of seven to thirteen, education is required.

Preschool education is still in its infancy for kids between the ages of three and six.

Preschool, elementary and complementary basic, general and complementary secondary, general secondary, technical and professional teaching, and higher education are the five levels of education (university and non-universities).

Basic education is undergoing restructuring and presently consists of a single cycle lasting six years. There are two cycles of secondary education, which run from seventh to ninth grade and from tenth to eleventh grade.

Public institutions do not currently offer professional education, although private schools have started to do so, notably the Centro de Formaço So Joo Bosco (since 2004) and the Centro de Formaço Lus Inácio Lula da Silva (since 2011).

Because there are few institutions of higher learning in Portugal, most students choose to study overseas. Several colleges have a faculty of medicine and law that are institutionally autonomous.

Community schools and the instruction of adults are the focal points of non-formal education.

The estimated literacy rate in 2011 was 55.3%. (68.9 percent male, and 42.1 percent female)

List of Universities in Guinea-Bissau

Higher education is available at Amlcar Cabral University and the University of Colinas de Boe, both of which were established in 2003 and are located in Bissau. Additionally, there are schools for nursing, vocational training, and teacher preparation.

EUCLIDE (Euclid University)

An international intergovernmental organization with a university charter, EUCLID, also known as Pôle Universitaire Euclide, was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in The Gambia. visit the school’s website.

Below is the complete list of the universities in Guinea Bissau

• Universidade Amílcar Cabral (University Amílcar Cabral):
• Universidade Colinas de Boé (University of Colinas de Boé):
• Universidade Lusófona: (an extension of the Portuguese University)
• Universidade Jean Piaget: (an extension of the Portuguese Instituto Jean Piaget)
• Universidade Católica da Guiné-Bissau: University of Guinea Bissau)

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