List of Universities in Equatorial Guinea

List of Universities in Equatorial Guinea

Facilities for higher education in Equatorial Guinea are mostly supplied with Spanish aid through the Spanish National University of Distance Education, which has locations in the country’s two largest cities, Malabo and Bata.

Once they reach the university level, several students continue their education abroad, particularly in France and Spain.

Below are the five top universities in Equatorial Guinea

• The National Institute for Health (Bata)
• The National Institute for Public Administration (ENAP)
• The National Institute for Agriculture (ENAM)
• The Santa Isabel and Bata Institutes for Teachers’ Training, and
• The National Centre for Proficiency in Teaching (CENAFOD), funded by UNESCO.

In Equatorial Guinea, four higher institutions regarded as universities:

List of Universities in Equatorial Guinea

National University of Equatorial Guinea

One of the major institutions in Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa, the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE, Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial in Spanish) is a public institution of higher learning. It has a unit in Bata in addition to a major campus in Malabo. Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema Nchama is the institution’s current rector. Internet address:

Universite Kofi Annan

The student life at Kofi Annan University is vibrant and engaging. The university’s instructional program places a high value on extracurricular activities to foster in its students a spirit of collaboration, a sense of self-reliance and creativity, as well as a desire for teamwork and group activities. visit the school’s website

University of Malabo/ Archinect

Paul Petrunia created Archinect for the first time in 1997. Since then, the website has emerged as a leading online resource for architects, educators, and followers of progressive design. To introduce new ideas from all disciplines, Archinect brings together designers from all over the world. Its mission is to make architecture more open-minded and connected. visit the school’s website

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