People are already joining because it is the new peer to peer investment that is paying fast.

Because of this, i decided to write this review to help you better how epaynaija works and if they are trustworthy. started few months ago and is already having thousands of members. After reading this post, you will know if the platform is worth joining or not. we also believe this article will help you know if it is legit, get rich quick or even scam.

BUT NOTE:Be informed that we are not writing this review to help or promote We publish this post to widen your knowledge and help you better understand what you might want to join.

What Is

As mentioned earlier, it is a peer to peer platform that allows members to register and invest online. is already having thousands of members because they fulfill what they promised to pay. EPAY NAIJA IS A PONZI SCHEME.

It is up to you to join the platform or not. Epay 9ja is similar or almost the same thing like wazobia cash investment because they operate in the same way.

However, you have to note that it is not a federal government establishment or a financial institution like a bank. The platform was possible created by some individuals and they founders are unknown.

How Does Investment Work? has portal where new members can register. In case you are asking how to join already, new members must register with their full name, phone number, email, bank account details, and a One-time activation fee of N1000.

Thereafter, you can decide to invest or not. Epay naija pays faster than wazobia cash investment. Payment is only 48 hours that is in just 2 days.

But one thing again about it is that you must recommit before you make your first withdrawal.

Let say you want to start with 10k. This means you will pay another 10k as re-commitment. Re-commitment is compulsory because you can only withdraw when you make commitment.

What Is Re-commitment In

As a matter of fact, I must tell you about this part. It simply means that you will pay another money after paying the first one. Those that already tried wazobia investment knows what i am talking about.

Referral Bonus On

I know a lot of you like something that have always have referral bonus. Funny enough, you just want to start bringing people when you register so you can start earning your referral bonus as soon as possible.

The answer is yes!. The platform have very attractive referral bonus that will make you want to give it a try. You can earn referral bonus differently.

  • First, you earn 5% from people you referred directly
  • Second 4% from people your referrer referred and
  • Third, 3% for next generation and so on

After reading the testimonies people are given about the system, I discovered that it usually takes less than 30 minutes before they merge you to receive payment.

Honestly, i can’t assure you if the system will remain this good or not. One thing i know for sure is that people will definitely have their own experience.

Has crashed?

as of the time of publishing this post, epaynaija has shifted the time for pay out and merging, its s signal for the wise to take a break as it stands to crash any time soon.

How can I Contact Epay Naija Customer Service?

The platform made it easy to contact them. To do this, you have to fill the contact form on their portal. You can visit the customer support page at to see what it looks like.

Does Have Telegram or WhatsApp Group?

Yes, the platform have one official telegram channel where members can join to interact with other members or even contact their customer care. You may also find similar thing on some Whatsapp groups.

Is It Worth Joining – How To Register?

We believe the detailed explanation is very clear to you. Like i mentioned earlier, it is not owned by government or any bank. Also, members are directed to make payment on individual accounts which makes it peer to peer platform.

If you can give them a trial and want to testify about it, then suggest you visit epay naija official website at to register and join today.

I will update this post as soon as i find out more information about the system.

Kindly contact the customer care support or admin if you have questions or need help.