How to win BBNAIJA 2022 | Win bigbrother naija

How to win BBNAIJA 2022 | Win big brother Naija

Most things have rules, but being successful does not have a particular rule. it only has some particular guidelines which still don’t guarantee you 100 percent success, and some of these guidelines are applied here in bbnaija.

here on this post are the little guidelines on how to go to big brother Naija and win millions of cash prizes and the grand price os millions of naira

If you want to win BBN, you have to follow the guidelines below;

1) Do not be a simp: simp is being too attached to a girl or a guy even when they do not want you. ozo is an example

2) Do not be a too much alfa male or female: do not act like you own the world, so much pride and arrogance

3) Have coconut-headed fans like Titans or Mercenaries.

4) Play the i-have-no-shoes card or at least, look it; think Efe and now Layton. Nigerians do not have sympathy for rich people.

5) If you are a lady, do not KNACK. In fact, forget your vagina at home- but if you knack, make sure you have coconut-headed fans.

6) The street will most times win. 1 Chief priest somewhere cannot do it alone.

7) DO NOT get disqualified. Think Tacha, think Erica. People that were so close, but messed it up with poor anger management.

So just stay focused and calm as you can be and be yourself

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