1 Fundamental analysis comes before technical analysis.
The market is 70% news and 30% charts.

2 Never buy a coin that has pumped.
There’ll always be a correction.

3 Don’t try to sell off the top of a green candle, it won’t end well.
Take what you can.

4 Avoid pump groups like a plaque.

5 Take profit and never look back at that project no matter how it pumps, wait until it corrects.

6 Don’t try to take revenge on a project no matter what it did to you.

7 Study and understand a project before adding it to your watchlist.

8 Think longterm

9 Don’t drink and trade

10 Don’t buy with 100% of your portfolio,
Buy with part of your portfolio, if it dumps buy more
If it pumps stand down and take profit.

11 Listen for news

12 Learn how to filter noises.
Pick a trade and concentrate on it until profit is taken.

13 A 1000% belongs to a patient man.

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