VSAC scholarships 2023

VSAC Scholarships 2023 Application

Apply for vsac scholarships 2023 for Vermont students

If you’re a Vermont resident, you can apply online for any of the many scholarships administered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) using the Unified Scholarship Application (USA).

For students planning to attend college in 2023, be sure to apply between October 1, 2023, and February 12, 2024. We must receive your online application and all required documents by the deadline.

Check out the most frequently asked questions about VSAC-assisted scholarships.

4 Steps to Applying for VSAC-Assisted Scholarships

  1. Look in the VSAC scholarships booklet for a list of all available scholarships. Please note: Although the deadline has passed for all VSAC-assisted scholarships, students can still apply for other scholarships. Check pp 35-46 of the booklet for scholarships with deadlines open through July 30. To access the VSAC scholarship booklet for the 2020–2021 academic year:
  1. Log into your MyVSAC account. If you don’t have a MyVSAC account, click on “Register now” in the box labeled “New to MyVSAC?” and follow the directions to create an account.
  1. Fill out the Unified Scholarship Application.
  • Click on “Work with VSAC-Assisted Scholarships” under Scholarships.
  • Look for “Submit Application” and “Unified Scholarship Application (USA)” and follow the instructions.
  1. After you’ve completed your USA online, submit all required documents (see below) to VSAC:
  • Log into your MyVSAC account.
  • Click on “Work with VSAC-Assisted Scholarships.”
  • Click on “Required Documents” or “Upload Scholarship Documents.”
  • Click on the “Upload Scholarship Documents” button.

If you’re unable to submit your required documents online, you can send them by mail to:

VSAC Scholarships Program
PO Box 2000
Winooski VT 05404

Required Documents You’ll Need to Apply for VSAC-Assisted Scholarships

To be successful, you’ll need to submit complete and thorough documents to support your application. Refer to each scholarship description to determine the documents you need to submit. These may include:

  • Your official transcript with your school seal or signed by an official from the school
  • Scholarship essays that help you stand out from the crowd. Get tips for writing stellar essays >
  • Letters of recommendation that show what teachers, coaches, and other professionals see in you.
  • Other documents as requested for certain scholarships, such as:
    • A copy of your birth certificate
    • A portfolio (for artistic submissions)
    • Your résumé
    • Information that a specific scholarship may ask you to provide

Check with your high school to ask if they can upload documents—such as your official transcripts and recommendation letters—on your behalf. If your high school doesn’t offer this service, you’ll need to upload those documents yourself.  All official documents and letters of recommendation must be on letterhead and/or signed by the person who created each.

Ready to apply for a VSAC-assisted scholarship?

Log in to or create your MyVSAC account.


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