UB Scholarships

UB Scholarships

UB’s low tuition, affordable costs, and scholarship opportunities make it a superb value for all students. There are ways to support  UB education including external scholarships, loans, and many more, as well as the option to work on campus.

International Admissions Scholarship FOR UB Scholarships

Buffalo university offers scholarships in different amounts to qualified international students. Scholarship awards vary and are renewable with good academic standing. The International Admissions UB Scholarships may be combined with other UB scholarships.

  • Open to incoming freshman and transfer students who will be enrolled full-time
  • For fall semester applicants only (not spring, summer, or winter)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to qualified incoming freshman (first-year) students who have no course work or credits completed at a post-secondary institution and to incoming transfer students
  • Available to all suitable students who initially enroll in the fall semester

Application and Review Process

  • All qualified applicants will be considered for the scholarship as part of the regular application review process; scholarship decisions are made after the initial admission decision.
  • Scholarships are awarded using a holistic review process. While GPA and test scores are important criteria, they are not the only criteria we consider.
  • A Scholarship Interest Form is sent to admitted applicants for completion. This optional form is an important tool in making scholarship award decisions.
  • Scholarship award announcements are made via email.


Apply early!

Only complete applications received before the deadline date will be given scholarship consideration.
The earlier you apply, the better your chances.

Scholarship awards are announced regularly between December 20th and April 20th every year

How to Apply to the University at Buffalo

You’ve done your homework, and you know that UB is one of the top public research universities in the country. We invite you to apply and see for yourself how exciting, fulfilling, and affordable your educational journey can be!

Here are the steps to complete the application process:

Step 1: Choose your application

You can apply using any of these methods, but only choose one! Carefully follow the instructions on the application that you choose, and then your information will be sent to the Office of International Admissions.

Step 2: Prepare your documents for scanning

You will submit all your documents to UB electronically. We encourage you to collect and scan all the necessary documents as early in the application process as possible, even before you apply. Save them on your computer to then use during Step 3.

More information about the documents you need:

Step 3: Upload documents to the school Portal

After our office has created your application account an email will be sent directly from UB.  This email will include a one time use Pin number and link to the online Applicant Status Portal, where you will upload and submit all your application documents.

Follow the instructions carefully and upload each of the required documents, selecting the appropriate label for each document from the dropdown menu.

You can access the Applicant Status Portal at any time, as many times as you need to.

Remember, the sooner you submit your documents for review, the sooner your admissions counselor can send you your admissions decision.

Recommendation Letters

Your teachers can mail us your recommendation letters directly to:
Office of International Admissions
University at Buffalo
115 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

Step 4: Your application review

We will make a decision on your application 10-15 days after you have uploaded and submitted all of the required documents through the Applicant Status Portal. You will be notified by email once a decision has been made.

Application Status Portal

You can track updates to your application through the same Applicant Status Portal where you will submit your documents. This is also where you will access your admission decision.

Step 5: Collect your final documents

Like most students, you probably applied to UB while you were still taking classes in high school, or when you were at another college or university. In order to finalize your admission, our office will need to see the final grades from these classes.

Don’t worry, you do not need to mail anything to us.

We will tell you what we need you to bring in the Provisional Sheet included in your I-20 Welcome Packet that you will receive approximately 10-15 days after paying your tuition deposit and submitting your financial form and bank statement (if you will need an I-20). Bring the specified documents with you when you come to UB during orientation week. You will have the chance to drop them off directly at the admissions counselors in our office.

Be Honest

Be sure that all documents and information that you submit with your application are correct and accurate. You are responsible for everything that is submitted with your application, even if someone else helps you to complete it.

Withholding or omitting information and documents or giving false information may make you ineligible for admission, subject to dismissal, and/or be ineligible for transfer credit.

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