International Tuition Grant

International Tuition Grant

The International Tuition scholarship is Awarded to academically competitive incoming freshmen or first year with non-U.S. residency status applying from schools outside the United States. On this note, the scholarship is open to undergraduate programs. Unless otherwise, the application for admission is all that you need to submit in order to be considered for each award.


The scholarship award varies for each scholarship. The scholarship may be awarded as $25,000, $21,000 or $18,000 per year for eight semesters.

To be Eligible

This scholarship is not available to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or transfer students and does not typically stack with other Office of Admissions scholarship funding.

The consideration for the International student Grant is holistic which involves grading in the following

  • Academic performance
  • Student involvement
  • The application essay
  • English proficiency
  • Geographic diversity.

Awarding is competitive and the highest level of International Tuition Grant is typically limited to students in the top 5% of MSU’s applicant pool.

How to Apply

As of now, there will be no necessary application for the scholarship, the application for admission is all that will be needed for the scholarship.

Have it in mind that students who apply to Michigan State University on or before December 1st, 2022 will be prioritized during consideration for the scholarship.

Students that apply late i.e after December 1st, 2022 may also qualify as funds are available.

For admission application as well as more information on the school and scholarship, visit the official website via;

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