Tuition Free University in Europe 2022

Tuition Free University in Europe 2022

Finland and Germany are some of the most popular European countries for international students, But what draws students to these countries? Their free tuition policies, high-quality education standards and institutions, and the importance of Tuition-Free University in Europe can not be overemphasized, this is why myscholarshipbaze team decided o bring this write-up forward.

Thinking of going to study abroad? Then let’s place you on the right path, on how you can study for free in European countries.

Furthermore, if you are one of our followers, you will notice, we are one of the biggest fans of Scholarship abroad, considering the fact, schooling abroad comes with a lot of benefits, starting from high educational pursuit, and the privilege you will have above others.

However, tuition fees become a barrier to many who wishes to study abroad, as the cost to study in a European country, may be very costly to afford, this is the major reason we are compiling a list of European countries where you can study for free.

Before going into full details, on the tuition-free institution in Europe. We all know the United Kingdom left the EU, at the end of Jan 2020, however, the agreement between the UK and EU on free education remains intact till the end of December 2021.

Furthermore, fee funding, travel allowance, health insurance, and many more, remain completely free in the UK, till the end of 2021.

Please note: When we refer to any tuition-free institution in Europe, we are pointing directly at public universities, if you want to study in a private institution, it might cost you a lot of money, provided you are not on scholarship.

Completely free

All the European country’s institution listed here is free. You won’t be required to pay for any fee, no tuition fee, no semester fee, completely free.


Norway is one of the European that offers free education to students from every part of the world, regardless of their nationality. If you have been seeking a tuition-free institution in Europe, Norway should be your first choice.

Find out more about free education in Norway


Denmark also offers free education, but free education is Limited and it’s only meant for the EU, and Switzerland citizens.

People from other countries will have to pay to access education in this country.  If you are from Demark or the EU, then you are sure to get an education at free cost.

Find out more about free education in Denmark


Unfortunately, as of 2017-2018, Finland has stopped giving free education to all International students all over the world, aside from only residents of the country only. Find out more at Finland


Poland offers free education to students from all over the world at its universities.

Poland is one of the European countries that offer free education to students from all nationalities, learn more at Poland

We wish you success in your journey to find a free education in Europe, kindly let us know the European country, where you will love to study.


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