Study for free: World Bank scholarship for international students

Study for free: World Bank scholarship for international students

The World Bank scholarship for international students Program contributes to the World Bank Group’s mission of forging new dynamic approaches to capacity development and knowledge sharing in the developing world.

It is an essential component of the Bank Group’s efforts to promote economic development and shared prosperity through investing in education and developing human resources in the developing world.

Since 1982, the Program has helped to form a pool of over 6,000 well-trained and experienced development professionals, transforming their countries and positively impacting future generations.

Currently, the World Bank Scholarships Program offers two sources of funding for graduate studies in development-related fields for mid-career professionals and researchers.

The World Bank scholarships are full scholarships with everything paid for including all tuition fees and a monthly allowance for living expenses, round trip air tickets from Japan or the developing country to the destination country where the students will be studying, and an air ticket home again after the study as well as travel money for when the student is located in the destination country whilst they are studying.

World Bank scholarship for international students

Recipients of the World Bank scholarships must commit to returning to their home country and use their education to further the development of their own country,

whilst the scholarship may send the student abroad it is not the intention of the World Bank that the student should continue to live in the country to which they have gone to study as the World Banks’ goals are to improve the lives and development of developing countries so scholarship students must return to their home country to help economic prosperity.

The scholarship programs controlled by the World Bank have helped create experienced professionals who are well educated and well trained and able to help grow their own country.

The World Bank Free Scholarships for Developing Countries, yes that same organization that lends money to foreign countries also has a range of scholarship and fellowship programs its part of the World Bank’s goal of knowledge sharing in the developing world and is one way that the World Bank can grow economic development and prosperity in developing countries.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Master’s, undergraduate & postgraduate degree programs.


International students

Number of Scholarships:

Not known

Scholarship value/inclusions:
The fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.

Deadline :
The 2021 call for scholarship applications is scheduled to open in March 2021.

Our Mission

The World Bank Group has two goals,
To end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way

How to Apply

Application Procedure:

Following receipt of your application to study, if you are holding an offer of study and meet our listed eligibility criteria, you will be invited to apply for the scholarship webpage for more details SCHOLARSHIPS LINK 


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