Tuition-Free University In Sweden 2022

Tuition-Free University In Sweden 2022

Every student will love to go to school abroad, but the cost of education in Europe and other advanced countries is often the major setback many students encounter.

Furthermore, Sweden has a high educational standard, which makes the country greatly sought by international students. Aside from the quality education, you will get in the country, there are other benefits attached to schooling in Sweden.

  • Students from the EU/EEA are entitled to free education in the country.
  • There are various scholarships and financial assistance students are entitled to.
  • As a student, it’s legally allowed to school and work at the same time.
  • Many of the Sweden residents can communicate well in English, so you will find it quite easy to flow with people.

All these benefits listed above may look great and enticing, but the question is, how easy is it to go to school in Sweden? Are there Tuition-free institutions in Sweden? All these questions shall be rightly answered.

Are there Tuition-free institutions in Sweden?

Yes, there are! Most of the universities and colleges in Sweden are public and they are made free, for members of the country and EU/EEA.

if you are not from Sweden or EU/EEA, you may not be entitled to any tuition-free institution in Sweden. Here are examples of tuition-free institutions in Sweden.

  • University of Gothenburg
  • Jönköping University
  • Dalarna University
  • Luleå University of Technology

 Tuition Fees at Swedish Universities?

Like it has been stated earlier, if you are not from the European countries, you won’t be entitled to any of the Tuition-free institutions in Sweden. However, the fees you will have to pay is quite little, here are tuition fees at Swedish universities.

  • Lund University – tuition fees: 9,300 – 25,000 EUR/year
  • Uppsala University – tuition fees: 9,300 – 13,500 EUR/year
  • Karolinska Institute – tuition fees: 16,000 – 19,400 EUR/year
  • Stockholm University – tuition fees: 8,725 – 13,620 EUR/year.

If these fees are expensive for you to afford, kindly apply for a scholarship in Sweden.

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