Tuition free Universities in the UK 2022

Tuition free Universities in the UK 2022

You will be surprised to learn that thousands of people search for tuition-free universities in Uk. You may think you are left alone in this search, no! You are not left alone.

Is it possible to get tuition-free universities in the UK?

Yes, it is!  There are over 150 programs and institutions that offer free education in the UK.

This may look unrealistic and unbelievable to you, but with the help of a scholarship, you can achieve this. We shall be providing you with five scholarships, that can help you achieve this.

There are varieties of scholarships you can get in the UK that can help finance your education.

  • Clarendon Fund Scholarships at the University of Oxford

 If you were lucky to be selected for this scholarship, it will cover all your tuition fees, travel costs, and accommodation. There is high certainty that you will be picked for the scholarship, once you meet the eligibility requirement and educational qualifications.

Furthermore, your nationality is not a barrier to applying for the scholarship, students with exceptional results, and excellent academic performance are eligible to apply. You can learn more about the scholarship program at the University Of Oxford

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and fellowship plan

The scholarship interview and selection are being conducted in India by the ministry of human resource development. The scholarship is only meant for Indian citizens, who would like to obtain a year master’s program or three years doctorate.

The scholarship is open to all graduates from India, to apply and learn more about the requirement visit Commonwealth Scholarship and fellowship plan. 

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This scholarship is one of the most expensive scholarships in the world. Aside from the tuition fee that the scholarship covers, the scholarship also provides a monthly allowance to the student, up to $700.

To apply for the scholarship, visit Cambridge University

  • Goa Education Trust Scholarship

This scholarship is meant for all Indian citizens provided you have an Indian passport with you. The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses up to $6000 per year.

You can visit the Goa Education scholarship to learn more about the requirement.

  • Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford:

 Rhodes Scholarship is one of the oldest scholarships in history. Ever since the scholarship has been founded over 4000 students have gained a scholarship from this program.

Furthermore, the scholarship covers travel expenses, tuition fees, and many more.

There are a lot of offers to benefit from this scholarship. Visit Oxford University to learn more and apply for the scholarship.

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