Universities With No Application Fee 2020

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Universities With No Application Fee

Welcome to myscholarshipbaze, In this article  “Universities With No Application Fee” we will bring to your notice the universities around the globe without application fee. It is very rare nowadays to hear that no one is willing not to be educated in one of the best universities in the world, especially universities that you wont need to pay a fee before applying for admission consideration.

I wrote an article previously on the universities with free tuition in USA,and you can find the article here

Education is the weapon to fight poverty and the only  antidote to enhance a better society.

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Here are some universities around the world for international students
with No Application Fee

1. University Of Vermont

This is a very organised university for students around the world who wish  to ply their academic trade with
the university Of Vermont. The application is free and students are liable to obtain 20% of scholarship for its undergraduate programs and the undergraduate tuition fee  run for a period of three year.

2. Alcorn State University

Alcorn State University is situated in Claiborne country. The university is also one of the world’s universities with free admission application. The undergraduate courses available for applicants are as follows, Criminal Justice, Chemistry, Accounting, Health Education, and Agricultural Education.

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Biology, Biotechnology, Nursing,Electrical Engineering are all available in post graduate courses.

3. Loyola University

Loyola University is one of the prestigious U.S universities with free admission application. The institution is a private established in  1870 in Chicago. The most sought after courses by applicants are Nursing, psychology and Biology.

4. Ohio Valley University

Ohio Valley University is a private college that also offers free admission application to its applicants. The Ohio University was established in 1960. The courses available for its candidates are Sociology,  Information
technology, sports Management, Biblical studies, and  wellness among others.

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5. Jackson University

Jackson University is another university that makes the notable list that offers its candidates with free admission
application. It is one of the oldest higher institutions across the globe and was established in 1877.

Here are the courses offered to its applicants which includes undergraduates and post graduates courses, Mathematics, Computer
science, Accounting, Biology, Arts, History and mass communications among others.

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