Guides on how to apply and get a scholarship

Step by step guides on how to apply and get a scholarship

In my previous post, i talked of how to get admission as an international students, now am here to give a step by step guide on how to apply and get a scholarship of any kind.

I previously wrote on how to apply for scholarship, but right now… We have to treat this issue of people applying wrongly to a scholarship they want.

First of all, You have to understand the scholarship you want, if you are still confused about how to find a perfect scholarship for your self, then you needs to read this page.

Step by step guides on how to apply and get a scholarship are as below

1. First of all, you need to know how to apply for an admission as an international student which we wrote about, read and understand very well how you could transfer your academic documents to your university of choice for admission.

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Now coming to scholarship, completely it is far different from a university admission because scholarship is awarded to befitting students who qualify for it through their country of origin, their qualifications, their gender or by interest.

2. When you get to a scholarship that suites you right, and you are qualified for that particular scholarship, take your time to read and understand every single word in the scholarship application details

Now some scholarships needs to follow a particular link down below the post, in other for you to apply, while some other have an email address of the institution offering the scholarship, some others are just an address with a phone number of the institution offering the scholarship.

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That is why you need to pay attention to read the posts clearly and understand the method of applications needed…

Now i will have to use a case study to prove the steps on how to apply for a scholarship, then wait for there feed back on your stand about the applied scholarships…

for this case study, i want to make use of the chevening scholarship by the UK GOVERNMENT

this first picture shows the scholarship title i want to apply for, first i have to read everything on this post, understand what the scholarships is about, organisation involved and many more

second and third picture

you take time to read and understand the eligibility criteria mentioned in the site and know if you are truely qualified for the scholarship post that you want to apply to

after that come the link of the scholarship which mostly come in the end of the post

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you can see a clickable link on this screenshot and that is where most of people are missing. you need to go to the official site and apply for the scholarships

finally at the main scholarship site where you apply, you fill in the details require and submit your application and wait for their response.

you should know about this

most scholarships requires toefl or good english test, which is paramount and you can click here to read about how to be successful with your test of english, how and where to register about it


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