Many of our applicants has called in to ask where and how they could always apply for scholarships, we would want to categorically analyze it here on this page.

First of all, try to find a suitable scholarships, take time to read the details of every scholarship you see and would want to apply, after that you should check very well to ascertain if you are eligible for the particular scholarship.

Eligibility differs in terms of both country of origin, grades in school, age and more which will be stated by the particular scholarship you are applying to, take time to read carefully.

After you have ascertain you are qualified for the scholarship, take another step by scrolling down gradually, you must, i said “must” see a link to where you will apply for the particular scholarship you want to apply, the link will lead you to schools website, or the organisation offering the scholarship, it is there will need to fill a form with your details to apply for the scholarship.

After you have filled out this form, they should be a satisfactory reply from the site that your application was successful. after that then wait for them to reach you back on your email, or you can follow any other step they state on their site, it all depends on the organisation offering the scholarship.

Note: we do not offer scholarships, we are just agents that bring you detailed analysis of scholarships available to your door step so you could apply to it.

If you have further questions, please write to us