From every instances, there are millions of scholarships flying around the internet, that is why we decided to educate us on the best scholarships to apply as an international students

Some are really fake, while others have closed up, Some do not accept students any more but this websites pushing them are not pushing it in your own interests, they are just interested in you visiting their website and how they could make revenues from your visit.

I have to sit down to critically analyze the best type of scholarships to apply. In my next post, i will explain how to identify a real scholarship that still available for application and an old scholarship.

I will also explain and list very important scholarship websites that are up to date on the available current Scholarship programs you would want to apply to.

For now, lets concentrate on the best scholarships to apply to, and how to know them when you come across one.

Here is a short list of them

1. Government of country scholarship offer:
I have seen many countries offer scholarships, ranging from USA government “Donald trump scholarship“, to Italian government scholarship, Chinese government scholarship, Australian government, Turkish government scholarship and many more.

This is the highest scholarship offer someone can get, and its being taken care of by the foreign government with a budget carved out from education sector for international students. This is fully funded scholarships and you have nothing to worry about.

2. University or vice chancellor scholarships: another best scholarship opportunity is the one offered directly by the University. To qualify for this, you have to pass very well ever aptitude test conducted by the University, you must have a good CG PA to be able to qualify.

Most times its not partly funded scholarships, while other times it can be fully funded. It is a scholarship that if you qualify, you will be given the chance, it is real.

3. Organizational scholarships : here one have to be careful to know the exact organization offering the scholarship, you have to check their reputation, how long there have been operating. To know this things, you just have to make esquires about the organization on google and other search engines.

4. fully funded scholarships: this is one of the awesome and best scholarships to apply as they come with fully funded sponsorship, both ion tuition level, academics, allowances, hostel cost and more.

fully funded are competitive scholarship opportunity but one has to be focused and determined to get what we want in life. we have some fully funded scholarships updated daily/weekly here on this website myscholrshipbaze. do well to book mark us, or allow notification so we can send you scholarship updates

After you have confirmed their authenticity, then you move on to read carefully the terms of their scholarships and how to apply to it. For every organization with a reputable name, there should be able to deliver their scholarship to people who merit it.

for more of scholarships visit this few list of sites to get accredited scholarship programs

Feel free to ask any question in the comment box, i will be here to answer them

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