Baze university Admission Application process

Baze University Admission Application Process

Baze University Abuja is one of the reputable universities in Nigeria, privately owned and properly managed by the authorities in charge, here in this post we will be highlighting the admission process to Baze University, its courses, its vision and mission, and the statement of quality.

Firstly, will hope into the courses and faculties at Baze University Abuja.

Courses offered at Baze University

Baze University has six academic faculties, within which are individual departments and other centers, which offer courses across a range of subjects.

Below is the list of academic faculties with their departments. In other to view the details of any department, please click on the department’s name.

Faculty of Applied Sciences
Applied Science

Faculty of Business Studies
General Studies

Management & Social Sciences

Faculty of Computer Science and IT
Computer Science and IT

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Law

Baze University Admission Application Process

The application process for entry into the programs offered by our university is relatively similar across all departments and faculties.

This seamless and simplified process is geared towards ensuring that our applicants are comfortable regardless of the level of their computing literacy.

Baze University is a distinctive quality-based educational institution making a difference in the Nation’s history through the positive impact of its service and graduates’ output.

Baze university Mission

To establish and maintain a more suitable academic environment, synergizing world-class human capital, and the best technology for creating and imparting knowledge to develop and modernize Nigerian society.

Baze university Vision

To be a distinctive quality-based educational institution, making difference in the nation’s history through the positive impact of its services and its graduate output.

Baze University Statement of Quality

Baze University delivers quality by having experienced international staff, superb teaching equipment, overseas external examiners, and first-rate buildings to guarantee standards.

Baze University aims to provide university education to British standards in Nigeria at about half the cost of sending a student to study abroad Currently, no Nigerian university is rated in the top 5,000 in the world.

Many Nigerians thus feel compelled to send their sons and daughters to be educated abroad, at a substantial cost (at least $28,000 per year for tuition, travel, and living expenses).

Baze delivers the same quality of education and living at about $14,000 (N2.2 m) – and, at a critical stage of their lives, students will be staying closer to their families.

How to Apply for Baze University Admission
To bring about ease and simplicity to our application process, we have made provisions for two methods of application that can be carried out in the comfort of your home.

NOTE: Baze University does not use application deadlines. This means that you can apply for admission all the time. Before you start your application, you need to ensure that your application and all supporting documents are ready.

Applying to more than one course

You can submit multiple applications to different courses, but please do not accept any offer until you have received a decision from all the programs you have applied for.

When you have received all decisions from the university please make sure you accept only one offer as soon as possible.


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