San Diego State has over 850 scholarship opportunities to support our students’ educational goals.  Funding for our scholarships has been provided by generous donors to SDSU who believe in higher education and your ability to achieve academic success.

Our application portal, “Aztec Scholarships,” allows students to apply for university scholarships via one application.  The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships coordinates the SDSU scholarship application and awarding process with core committees from the various colleges, departments, and organizations responsible for selecting recipients.

The application process for students is simple and fast.  Based on university and application data, students are automatically matched to scholarships for which they are eligible.

The selection of recipients is made by scholarship committees typically composed of university faculty and/or staff from the academic program or campus organization most closely affiliated with the scholarship. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships’ staff members are not part of any scholarship committee.

Scholarship Application Submission Period

The general application for Aztec Scholarships is open from March 1, 2022, to August 15, 2022, for awards in the upcoming academic year (summer, fall, and spring).

Current Students

To be considered for the highest number of scholarships possible, current SDSU students should submit their general application as soon as possible after the application opens in March.

Newly Admitted Students

Once students are admitted,  complete their Intent to Enroll, and activate their SDSU ID, they may log in to  Aztec Scholarships during the application period.


All SDSU students, regardless of grade point average, area of study, citizenship, or residency status are encouraged to apply. Students must enroll for the upcoming academic year in a degree, credential, or certificate program to be considered for Aztec Scholarships.


Helpful Information

When to apply for SDSU scholarships: The SDSU Scholarship application is open from March 1, 2022, to August 15, 2022.  Deadlines are strictly enforced, so no late submissions will be accepted.

All scholarship applications must be submitted through Aztec Scholarships. No paper applications are accepted. To learn more watch this video regarding SDSU Scholarships.

Are specific essays or supplemental materials required? Some scholarships require specific essays or additional documents, such as a resume or letters of recommendation. After filling out the Aztec Scholarship general application, students may be presented with information about other scholarship opportunities that require this second step.

All specific essays and supplemental materials must be submitted electronically through Aztec Scholarships by the deadline in order for the application for these scholarships to be complete.

How recipients are selected:  At SDSU, the policy establishes a core scholarship committee within each college/division as appropriate to oversee the selection process. The responsibility for awarding scholarships rests with the core scholarship committee and their sub-committee review groups.

CSU Scholarship Administration guidelines state that scholarship committee members are appointed by the University or auxiliary organization, not a donor, and no combination of donors or donor advisors (or related persons) directly or indirectly control committees.

What students can expect after submitting a General Application:

  • An email confirming receipt of the application
  • If selected for an award, a notification email directing them to accept the scholarship offer and complete a letter of appreciation in Aztec Scholarships.
  • Once the letter of appreciation is completed, the scholarship will be posted in AirLink under Your Financial Aid & Scholarship Eligibility- Scholarships & Other Resources Section. Please note that AidLink is the main way that the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships communicates with students.
  • Scholarship notifications will generally occur between May through October. Refer to AidLink for additional information on disbursement.

Thank you letters: Scholarship recipients must submit a thank you letter for each scholarship awarded by San Diego State University.  The thank you letter must be submitted within 14 calendar days of official award notification.

The letter is submitted electronically in Aztec Scholarships. Deadlines are strictly enforced, so no late submissions will be accepted. If the thank you letter is not received by the deadline, the scholarship award will be rescinded and awarded to an alternate.

Mid-Year Graduation: Students who receive an academic year scholarship but plan to graduate after the fall term are asked to contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at:

SDSU Scholarships and Study Abroad: The SDSU International Student Center can help you choose a study abroad program that is eligible for financial aid and scholarship consideration. You will still need to follow the same requirements and deadlines as students studying on campus.

Availability of funds: Each scholarship opportunity is dependent upon the availability of sufficient funding. If funding is not available, the scholarship will not be awarded.

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