Truman Scholarships 2022

Truman Scholarships 2022

Background: Truman scholarship was established by the United State government in 1975, to honor America’s 33rd president. The scholarship is in two stages, a high school Scholarship worth $3000 and a Graduate Scholarship worth $27,000.

The Scholarship: 70 Scholarships are awarded to candidates annually, that are in Junior college.  Scholarship selection is based on the state of residence, and academic excellence. At least one Scholarship is awarded to a candidate in each state across American territories. The scholarship for high school students is worth $3000, while graduate Scholarships are worth $27000.

Application: A minimum of 3.6GPA is required for this scholarship and students should be in the upper quarter of their year in school. The candidate should possess good character, and high academic excellence and the candidate should also be able to provide an essay on why he/she needs the scholarship. Letter of recommendation from a reputable person in the society. Take your time to prepare your application, a good application takes 20-40 hours to prepare.

Who Should Apply: students who are US citizens only with good grades. 

Reference: endorsement letter from your University, letter of recommendation from three different people in your society.

To apply visit the Truman Scholarship website

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