NECO GCE History Answers

NECO GCE History Answers


(i)Restoration of peace and order during political crisis; The intervention and restoration of peace and order in 1966 and 1983 when there was serious political crisis in Nigeria is one of the achievements of the military in Nigeria. This is also responsible for the continued existence of the entity known today as Nigeria today. The military was able to achieve this by smoothening the secessionist quest of the default Eastern region.

(ii)Decrease in the problem of tribalism in the formation of political parties in Nigeria; During the first republic of Nigeria, a good deal of support given to any politician usually comes from his ethnic group and its immediate environments. The result of this situation was that a person, for instance, can be the prime minister at the center by getting most of his votes from one region.

(iii)Local Government reform of 1976; The Local government reform of 1976 is apparently one of the achievements of military rule in Nigeria too. Before January 1966, the various regions in Nigeria had different system of governments, at the grassroot level.

(iv)Creation of states; Another outstanding achievement of the military in Nigeria was the creation of states to replace the then existing region as it used to be called in the past

(v)Foreign policy; On foreign policy, a considerable and lasting impact was made during the military rule. At the first republic, Nigeria foreign policy was centered around Britain and the common wealth Africa

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