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PAPER II (Essay)
Answer only FOUR questions in the section.
Write your answers in the answer booklet provided.

1. (a) Describe government as an academic field of study.
(b) Identify four branches of government as an academic field of study.

2. (a) Explain the concept of legitimacy.
(b) State five factors that promote legitimacy of a government.
ANS: (a) Legitimacy is the recognition and acceptance of the right/authority of a government and its institution by the people, to make and enforce laws.

(b) (i) A government popularly elected through free and fair elections;
(ii) holding of periodic elections;
(iii) adherence to the provision of the constitution of the state;
(iv) involvement and participation of the people in the management of the
affairs of the state;
(v) responsible and responsive leadership;
(vi) tolerance to opposing or divergent views;
(vii) respect for the Rule of Law;
(viii) acceptable ideology of the government;
(ix) acceptance of the government by the international community.

3. (a) What is authority?
(b) Highlight five ways by which citizens can participate in politics.
ANS: (a) Authority is the legal right to make and enforce laws which the citizens must obey.

(b) (i) By belonging to political parties;
(ii) by contesting elections;
(iii) by sponsoring political parties;
(iv) by voting in elections;
(v) by acting as party agents;
(vi) by attending political rallies;
(vii) by holding political posts;
(viii) by acting as election observers/ monitors.

4. (a) Explain political participation.
(b) State five ways a citizen can participate in the affairs of a state.

5. (a) Highlight three classes of the civil service structure.
(b) Identify three characteristics of the civil service.

6. State four achievements of the Clifford’s Constitution of 1922 in Nigeria.
ANS: (i) The 1922 constitution introduced elective principle;
(ii) it gave rise to political activities/ awareness in Nigeria;
(iii) it led to the formation of the first political party in Nigeria;
(iv) the constitution paved way for the establishment of newspapers in Nigeria;
(v) it allowed more representation of Nigerians than the previous Nigeria Council;
(vi) it laid the foundation for constitutional developments in Nigeria;
(vii) it established a constitutional government into Nigeria as opposed to government by statutory instruments;
(viii) it increased the tempo of nationalism in Nigeria.

7. Identify four elements of checks and balances in pre-colonial Yoruba political system.
ANS: (i) Oyo-mesi – a Council of king-makers;
(ii) Ogboni – a secret society/ cult;
(iii) Ifa, the Oracle /Yoruba traditional priest;
(iv) occultic/ mystical calabash (Igba iwa);
(v) covenant /bond (Imule);
(vi) taboo /Prohibition/ forbidden acts;
(vii) swearing /Oath/ Vows (Ibura);
(viii) boycott or chiefs refusal to go to the chief’s palace;
(ix) revolt/ rebellion /uprisings/ demonstrations;
(x) impeachment /dethronement;
(xi) suicide.

8. Identify six problems encountered by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

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