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(i) Speed limit

(ii) No overtaking

(iii) Packing hall


(i) Over speeding: At high speed the vehicle needs greater distance to stop i.e. braking distance. The ability to judge the forthcoming events also gets reduced while driving at faster speed which causes error in judgment and finally a crash.

(ii) Bad roads: The failure of successive government in Nigeria to fix the death traps called roads in Nigeria has no doubt caused so much pain to temporary and frequent roads user’s

(iii) Poor vehicle maintenance: Most of the vehicles are in bad shape and as a result of the bad maintenance cause so many accident in Nigeria.

(iv) Drunken driving: Consumption of alcohol decreases reaction time of a human body. Limbs take more to react to the instructions of brain. It hampers vision due to dizziness. It also dampens fear and incite humans to take risks. All these factors while driving causes accidents.

(v) Distraction to Driver:

Though distraction while driving could be minor but it can cause major accidents. Distractions could be outside or inside the vehicle. The major distraction now a days is talking on mobile phone while driving.


Popular participation: this can be defined as the process where by individuals get themselves involves in the political activities and in the decision making of their country.


(i) good governance: when the govt in power provide good governance to the citizens , it will enable the citizens to be interested in participating in their political system

(ii) Free and fair election: if there is free and fair election that devoid of harassment and intimidation of voters , it will encourage the citizens to be interest in the political system of their country

(iii) Rule of law: supremacy of the constitution that will guarantee level playing ground for both the voters and candidates may encourage citizens to take in their political system

(iv)Failure of the past govt: people may want to participate in govt because past govt failed the people in the areas of provision of amenities, so citizens may be encouraged to come out and vote bad govt out of office.


(i) Right to life

(ii) Right to personal liberty

(iii) Right to fair hearing


(i)contesting election:a citizen has the right to contest for any political offices any time he wishes to do so

(ii)voting in election: citizens have the right to cast their votes for the candidate of their choice without interference from any body

(iii)Belonging to a political party: it’s the political right of a citizen to belong to any political parties of his choices.

(iv)Holding of public offices: this allow individual to contribute immensely in the areas of decision making.


Citizenship education is an education that empower individuals to understand their rights and to be responsible, respectful, and participatory.


(i)Allowing Citizens To Contribute For Common Good

(ii)Being Civil Competencies

(iii)Creating Freedom Awareness Among Citizens

(iv)Knowing Of One’s Constitutional Rights

(v)Ensuring Equality Of Citizens

(vi)Understanding The Truth

 About Citizenship


(Pick any 5)

(i) Patience. 

(ii) Multi-tasking skills.

(iii) Encouraging.

(iv) Intelligence.

(v) Flexibility.  

(vi) Leadership skills. 

(vii) Dependability. 

(viii) Compassion. 

(ix) A sense of humor. 

(x) Self-awareness.


1. Age 

Ii. religion and belief is a de facto in the morning would be good. Consider before they give their children as for marriage.

iii. Educational background is another factors a responsible parents the children

iv. Personality and character of the partner of a child must be considered by the parent

V. Occupation of the partner of the child is also partner mouth


Inter communal relationship is a relationship which exist between two or more communities. One of the major objectives of the Government is to ensure that the Government is close to the members of the community and provide a forum where local people can defend themselves and also develop their local communities.


(i) Provision of political development:- A good and positive inter communal relationship helps to promote political development of different kinds and ensures that concerned communities participate in issue related to the development of the community. 

(ii) Promotion of peace and unity:- A positive inter communal relationship will help to promote peace and unity in the community.

(iii) Enhancement of security:- It ensures stable and standby security consciousness in the community. It will help to remove fear of violence, war or any kind of between communities. 

(iv) Promotion of tribal Marriage:- When there is a good relationship between different communities, it becomes easy for communal/tribal marriage to take place. Positive inter-communal relationship will enhance willingness for the communities to give out their sons and daughters to others from another tribe. 

(v) Promotion of economic Progress:- A responsible and positive inter-communal relationship will enhance peaceful atmosphere and strategies for each other or each other business like inter marketing strategies etc.

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