Waec gce history answers 2020

Waec gce history answers 2020

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(i)the Aro people played a role in geographically placed along the Cross River and exploited the demand for slaves by the coastal people.

(ii)they played a role as cultural and ethnic affinity with a section of Ibeku Igbo, Akpa and Ibibio of the Cross River that furthered their commercial interest

(iii)they adopted shrewd business practices which made them to monopolize trade among the Kalabari traders

(iv)they also founded trading colonies and settled to make trading contacts with local people which later led to inter-marriages;

(v)They played a role as their middleman position aided them to employ the services of eager warriors e.g. Abam and Ohaffia to get more slaves and for defense, etc


(i)Many lives were lost and much property destroyed

(ii)there was the rise of new states and towns,  e.g. Kurunmi founded  Ijaye, while Shodeke, founded  Abeokuta etc

(iii)there was the rise of professional warriors e.g. Ogunmola of Ibadan,Ogedengbe of Ijeshaland etc

(iv)there was a change in the art of war due to the introduction of arms and ammunition to replace homemade weapons e.g. bows and arrows

(v)the war encouraged slave trade.  Those captured as war prisoners were sold into slavery.

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