Jamb 2023 possible Government Questions And Answers

Jamb 2023 possible Government Questions And Answers

1. The process of removing an elected official by the electorate after an election is termed

Answer: Impeachment

2. A characteristic of a fascist state is the existence of a

Answer: Zero-party system

3. In the 1930s, the political movement that challenged the NNDP domination of Lagos politics was the

Answer: NYM (National Youths Movement)

4. The transfer of authority to local government councils is known as

Answer: Devolution of powers

5. The Federal system of government in Nigeria was abolished in favor of a unitary one by

Answer: Major General Johson Aguiyi-Ironsi

6. The first franchise in the history of the democratic process is

Answer: Universal Franchise

7. Which of the following Countries is closely associated with the development of the Ajaokuta Steel project?

Answer: Russia

8. The notion of equality before the law is the same as the principle of

Answer: Rule of law

9. The president of Nigeria was indirectly elected through a secret ballot for a period of five years by the senate in

Answer: 1963

10. The Nigerian council was created by?

Answer: Frederick Lugard.

11. Maxism is directed against

Answer: Materialism

12. The central legislature of Nigeria bevame bicameral in

Answer: 1979

13. In a monarchial form of Government, sovereignty resides with

Answer: Royalty

14. A system of government that promotes the rights and freedom of the citizens is called

Answer: Democracy

15. In the first republic, politics in the Northern region was dominated by the

Answer: NPC

16. The foremost British trading company on the West African Coast was

Answer: United African Company

17. The emergence of nationalism was essentially the result of the bills of

Answer: Colonialism

18. A common means of influencing public opinion is

Answer: Propaganda

19. A vote taken by the citizen on an important political issue is a

Answer: referendum

20. When did the military government abolish the four regions in Nigeria?

Answer: 1966

21. A social system in which power is derived from control over land is called

Answer: Feudalism

22. Associations whose main interest is to influence public policies without having to capture power are

Answer: Pressure group

23. The british minister who opposed the cancellation of Nigeria’s debt was

Answer: Margarat Thatcher

24. The primary function of a legislature is

Answer: Law Making

25. The first Pan African Conference was held in

Answer: London

26. The Arthur Richards constitution was designed to last for

Answer: Six years

27. A device for controlling prolonged debates in parliament is called

Answer: a guillotine

28. Parastatals are established to

Answer: Render social services

29. The doctrine of rule of law is associated with

Answer: Dicey

30. Who was Nigeria’s first Minister of Foreign Affairs?

Answer: Jaja Nwachukwu

31. The first Head of Government in independent Nigeria was

Answer: Tafawa Balewa

32. In a democracy, franchise is given to all

Answer: Adult citizens

33. The motion by Anthony Enahoro demanding independence for Nigeria was moved in

Answer: 1953

34. A major contentious issue confronting Nigerian Federalism is

Answer: Revenue allocation

35. A characteristic of public opinion is that it is

Answer: Dynamic

36. In 1958, ….. moved a motion for self-government in Nigeria

Answer: Remi Fani-Kayode

37. The separation of Judicial, legislative, and executive functions is designed to

Answer: Prevent tyranny

38. Nigerian federalism is a

Answer: three-tier system

39. An important principle of the Civil service is

Answer: Anonymity

40. The development of a classless society is the goal of

Answer: Liberalism

41. ECOWAS is aimed at uniting the West African States

Answer: Economically

42. According to Marxist theory, those who own and control the means of production in a capitalist society are

Answer: Bourgeoisie


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