JAMB Physics Yearly Repeated Top 40 Questions And Answers

JAMB Physics Yearly Repeated Top 40 Questions And Answers

1:- the velocity ratio of an inclined plane is CORRECT ANSWER = 1/sinQ

2:- where must an object be placed in front of the concave mirror so that the image will be formed between the centre of curvature and the focus CORRECT ANSWER = beyond the centre
3:- optical instruments do NOT employ the principle of linear magnification in their operations rather they use CORRECT ANSWER = angular magnification

4:- the force of attraction between two masses m1 and m2 separated at a distance 2r is given as CORRECT ANSWER = Gm1 m2/4r2

5:- the condition for resonance to occur in an R-L-C serves circuit is CORRECT ANSWER = W0 = 1/Lc
6:- calculate the work done if a force of 10N applied at an angle of 30 0 to the horizontal moves the body through a distance of 0.05m CORRECT ANSWER = 0.25 {3 J

7 :- the expression for electric potential (V) is CORRECT ANSWER = (q / 4Er)

8:- a solid weighs 10.5N in air and weighs 5.5N when immersed in a liquid of density 900kgm-3, calculate the volume of the solid CORRECT ANSWER = 5.56 x 10 -4 m 3

9 :- during dispersion, colours of light CORRECT ANSWER = travel at different speeds 10 :- convert 180 0F to 0C CORRECT ANSWER = 82 0C

11:- the bean balance is used to measure CORRECT ANSWER = mass

12:- the diagram above represents four identical beakers of water with some droplets of a blue colour pigment. Which of them will have a faster rate of diffusion? CORRECT ANSWER = beaker IV

13:- a thick glass tumbler cracks when hot water is poured into it because of CORRECT ANSWER = uneven expansion

14:- point M in the diagram above is in stable equilibrium with CORRECT ANSWER = minimum potential energy

15:- the charge stored by a 5F capacitor connected to a potential difference of 40V is CORRECT ANSWER = 200C

16:- the dissociation of salt solution and acids into ions is known as CORRECT ANSWER = electrolysis

17:- the resultant of two parallel forces acting in the same direction applied to a block of wood will be CORRECT ANSWER = maximum

18:- from the above the induced e.m.f depends on CORRECT ANSWER = I, II and III
19:- how much current does a 120W light bulb draw when connected to a voltage of 240? CORRECT ANSWER = 0.5A

20:- from the above diagram the effective resistance between P and Q is CORRECT ANSWER = 4.33n

21:- a semi-conductor with an equal number of holes and electrons is known as CORRECT ANSWER = intrinsic semi-conductor

22:- which of the following is CORRECT about the motion of a simple pendulum? CORRECT ANSWER = potential energy is maximum at the extremes

23:- in the vibration of stretched strings, the frequency F and the tension T are related by CORRECT ANSWER = f & square root T)
24:- from the diagram above, the pressure acting on the trapped air is CORRECT ANSWER = H mmHg

25:- light energy E is expressed as CORRECT ANSWER = E = hf

26:- the ejection of an electron from the surface of a CORRECT ANSWER = thermionic emission

27:- where does refraction take place? CORRECT ANSWER = at the boundary between

28:- ten 6V cells connected in parallel will give an effective e.m.f of CORRECT ANSWER = 6V
29:- vapour is said to be saturated when CORRECT ANSWER = in a dynamic equilibrium

30:- a lagged calculator is suitable for measuring heat energy because it CORRECT ANSWER = prevents heat loss and gain

31:- a wire carries a current of 3.0A with a magnetic field of 2.0T at an angle of 30 0. calculate the force on a segment of wire 0.5m CORRECT ANSWER = 1.5N

32:- which method of heat transfer is electromagnetic in nature? CORRECT ANSWER = radiation

33:- a light of 6.22eV is incident on a cadmium surface. If a stopping voltage of 2.15eV is required to reduce the photocurrent to zero, calculate the work function of cadmium CORRECT ANSWER =
34:- from the diagram above, calculate F CORRECT ANSWER = 60.00N

35:- which of the following exhibits a wave motion? CORRECT ANSWER = a plucked stretched string

36:- a stone weighs W1 Newton in air W2 Newton in water.

The relative density of the stone is CORRECT ANSWER = W1/(W1-W2)

37:- why do pressure pots cook food faster than other conventional pots? CORRECT ANSWER = its higher pressure

38:- a string of length 0.06m is acted upon by a force of 2N creating an extension of 0.02m. What would be the length when the applied force is increased by 8N? CORRECT ANSWER = 0.14m

39:- when a bar magnet is suspended freely in the earth’s magnetic field, it will point to CORRECT ANSWER = north-south direction
40:- the point where a ball moving in a viscous liquid starts to move with uniform velocity is CORRECT ANSWER = terminal velocity


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