JAMB physics past questions and answers Pdf download

JAMB physics past questions and answers Pdf download

Here you will be able to download the free jamb physics past questions and answers, scroll down and attempt these questions here, then download the past questions at the end of the post. Good luck

Jamb physics past questions and answers

In a resonance tube experiment, a tube of fixed 5.
length in closed at one end and several turning
forks of increasing frequency used to obtain
resonance at the open end. If the turning fork with
the lowest frequency which gave resonance had a
frequency ƒ1 and the next turning fork to give
resonance had a frequency ƒ2
, find the ratio ƒ2
/ ƒ1
A. 8 B. 3
C. 2 D. ½
E. 1/3

2. Which of the following is NOT a vectorquantity
A. Force B. Altitude
C. Weight D. Displacement
E. Acceleration.

P3 O O3
Fig. 2
A brick at rest on a horizontal table is pulled by a
horizontal cord, as shown in Fig. 2. The force of
friction on the brick
A. Increase if the pull increases but the brick
does not move.
B. Is directly horizontal to the right
C. Decreases if an identical brick is placed
on the first.
D. Is zero if the brick is pulled hard enough
tomake itslide.
E. Change if the brick is turned on its side.
Fig. 1
Consider the three forces acting at O and in
equilibrium as shown in Fig. 1. Which of the
following equation is/are CORRECT?
I. P1 cos 01 = P1 cosO2
II. P3 = P1 cos O1 + P2 cos O2
III. P1 sin O1 = P2 sin O2
A. I only B. II only C. III only
D. II and III only E. I and III only
Which of the following statements about friction
it NOT correct?
A. The force of kinetic friction is less than
the force of static friction.
B. The force of kinetic friction betweentwo
surfaces is independent of the areas in
contact provided the normal reaction is
C. The force of rolling friction between two
surfaces is less than the force of sliding
D. The angle of friction is the angle between
the normal reaction and the force friction.
E. Friction may be reduced by lubrication.

6. The force with which an object is attracted to the
earth is called its
A. Acceleration B. Mass
C. Gravity D. Impulse
E. Weight.

7. The refractive index of a liquid is 1.5. If the velocity
of light in vacuum is 3.0 x 108m s
, the velocity of
light in the liquid is
A. 1.5 x 103ms
B. 2.0 x 103ms
C. 3.0 x 103ms
D. 4.5 x 103ms
E. 9.0 x 103ms

8. If the relative density of a metal is 19, what will be
the mass of 20cm3 of the metal when immersed in
A. 380g B. 400g
C. 360g D. 39g
E. 180g

9. Which of the following statements about liquid
pressure is NOT correct? The pressure
A. At a point in a liquid is proportional to
the depth.
B. At any point in a liquid isthe same at the
same level.
C. Is exerted equally in all directionsat any
D. Of a liquid at any point on the wall of its
container acts in a direction
perpendicular to thewall.
E. At a particular depth depends on the
shape of the vessel.
10. A ship traveling towards a cliff receives the echo
of its whistle after 3.5 seconds. A short while later,
it receives the echo after 2.5 seconds. If the speed
of sound in air under the prevailing conditions is
250m s
, how much closer is the ship to the cliff?
A. 10 m B. 125 m
C. 175 m D. 350 m
E. 1,000


JAMB Physics Past Question 1983 – 2004

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