Jamb Government Past question and answers PDF Download

Jamb Government Past question and answers PDF Download

Here is the jamb government past question and answers with the free pdf download down the post. Go through the questions below and try to answer them, then move to download the pdf files below

Which Government Question Paper Type
is given to you?
A. Type A
B. Type B
C. Type C.
D. Type D

2. Nation-state is synonymous with —-
A. self-actualization
B. sovereignty
C. liberation
D. nationalism

3. A fundamental component of political
culture is ———
A. social values
B. family values
C. community structure
D. economic values.

4. A form of oligarchy in which gifted
people are at the helm of affairs is —–
A. aristocracy.

5. A state that is ruled by an elected
citizen is —————
A. a monarchy
B. a plutocracy
C. a republic
D. an empire

6. A true democracy in the modern
sense exists where the –
A. elected representatives rule
B. majority of the people rule
C. majority of the people vote
D. elite rules

7. In a parliamentary system, when the
legislature passes a vote of no
confidence in the executive, it means
that the —
A. executive is expected to go on
B. legislature ceases to trust
the executive
C. executive is required to resign
D. legislature commences legal
proceeding against the executive

8. The legislative body of the United States
of America is the —-
A. Parliament
B. National Assembly
C. Congress
D. Council.

9. Unicameralism is a feature of
the legislature in —
A. Israel
B. the United States
C. the United Kingdom
D. Ghana.

10. The upper house in most federal
systems are created to –
A. ensure equality of federating units
B. prevent excesses of the executive
C. oversee and check the lower house
D. enable experienced elders
make inputs to governance.

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JAMB Government Past Questions and Answers 2010 – 2018


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