Is Jamb expo real?

Is Jamb expo real?

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Well i have received alot of this message from candidates hoping to write jamb 2022.

I wish to clear this once and for all so that even newbies and every other person will be informed.

Last year, 2021 we had some issues when our plugs for jamb expo started acting funny when we asked series of questions.

Now straight to the point, jamb questions differs from one candidate to another and so will the answers differ.

My number 2 questions for all Science students in chemistry is never the same and you can not get the answers if you do not see the questions. Now for jamb expos to be real, you need to first see the persons questions before knowing and supplying the answers.

Now only 1 percent of people who claim they do jamb expo can actually do jamb expo, and the only Avenue in which its possible is when they sit to write the exam for you by themselves, outside that, the rest is rubbish.

Do not fall for anything jamb expo, they will chop your money. On that note, MSB will not be having anything like jamb expo in 2022 and on wards.

We will make a write up on how we will help candidates pass there jamb, join our Whatsapp geoup and stay tuned. We care.


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