How To Generate Profile Code for JAMB 2023

How To Generate Profile Code for JAMB 2023

And proceed with the registration

♦️Send your NIN to either 55019 or 66019 from your Personal phone number.

♦️E.g, if NIN is 01234567890, you’ll send it as

NIN 01234567890

to either 55019 or 66019 as SMS. It will charge you N50 airtime

♦️Make sure there’s space between the word NIN and your NIN Number

♦️Make sure the number has also been linked with NIN

♦️Make sure you have a minimum of N100 airtime on your phone to send it, DON’T use bonus or borrowed airtime, it will not work

♦️You cannot use your parent or any family or friend NIN. If you don’t have NIN, go and get it, NO NIN, NO JAMB.

♦️If you are trying to generate a profile code and it’s showing different kinds of errors, make sure you follow the steps above very well and keep retrying, try the two codes (55019 or 66019) it may be network.

♦️The cost of registration (pin, Registration fee, and text fee) is 4700, but prepare like 5k-6k. To be paid at CBT Centre or JAMB Office and another accredited payment platform, DON’T GIVE MONEY TO ONLINE SCAMMERS. BE WARNED

♦️ Epin will be generated with your profile code after you make the payment

♦️Both Profile code and epin will be used for registration.

♦️ You are NOT REQUIRED to create any Profile on JAMB yourself, it will not be useful*

♦️Make sure you check all the information they are inputting during Registration, any error after submission may cost you money.

♦️Check all the subjects they input for you very well

♦️ Mock is not compulsory, and if you select it and didn’t do it, it’s not a problem. You’ll be asked to pay N700 at the Mock exam center later and not during Registration

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