Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About JAMB 2022, Now, let me take you through some questions candidates ask me frequently. The replies are also embedded therein.

– Can I purchase my E-pin offline?
Yes, you absolutely can! Just walk into a commercial bank, and tell the attendant that you want to purchase a JAMB 2021 E-pin. Pay to them, and get your pin.* You can also purchase your e-pin from jamb agents… *(Be careful of whom you pay to…)

– Is the JAMB Mock Examination compulsory?
No, the mock exam is not compulsory at all. You can decide to or not write it. It won’t affect your main exam score at all. The aim of the mock examination is to get you conversant with the board’s system.

– I tried checking my results via SMS, but I haven’t gotten any reply, why?
– *This could be a fault on the side of the network service providers. If you have sent the message, without getting a reply in twenty-four hours, you are advised to use the online portal to check it.*

– Can I purchase the E-pin at the registration center?
No! You must have purchased your E-pin, before going to the registration center at all.

– I made a mistake in my name when I was requesting for profile code, what can I do to correct it?
There are two things here. If you have not purchased your e-pin before you realized your mistake, then you can go ahead and send the correct format of your name to 55019.

If you have purchased the e-pin, what you will do is to resend your name in the correct format, receive another profile code and purchase another e-pin. So it is better for you to confirm your details before going ahead with the purchase of the e-pin.

– I lost my profile code, what should I do?
There might be instances whereby we misplace our phones which contain the message of profile code we received from JAMB. Well, the good news is there is a solution.


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