Jamb Registration questions and guide

Jamb Registration questions and guide

*Can I use the same phone number email and profile code twice?*

In conclusion, you can use the same phone number, email and profile code to register JAMB twice and as many times as possible as long as you follow the instructions.

*Can JAMB phone number be changed?*
Can I Change JAMB Phone Number?

SORRY NO. You can not change the Phone Number you used in register JAMB.

*Can I use the same number to register for JAMB twice in 2022?*

“Previously used numbers for JAMB registrations can only be re-used by the same candidate, not another candidate. … “The candidate who is using his or her previous number for the second or third time will use the same profile code to purchase the new electronic pin.

*Can I use another person’s number to get my JAMB profile code?*

NOTE: Only one phone number can be used by each candidate to obtain his/her JAMB profile code.

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