Honors College Excellence Scholarship

Honors College Excellence Scholarship

The Honors College Excellence Scholarship is awarded to a selected group of non-Michigan residents and international students who have been invited to Honors College for an undergraduate degree.

These scholarships are intended to reward members who demonstrate academic excellence through a high cumulative GPA in a program enriched by Honors experiences. A number of one-year scholarships are awarded each year. Applications open around January 1 and are due March 1 every year.


The scholarship awards a fund of about $13,000 annually for a duration of over eight semesters.

To be Eligible

  • Below are some requirements to be considered before selection for the scholarship;
  • Applicants must be an international student
  • Applicants must be incoming freshman who has been invited to the Honors College

How to Apply

There will be no separate Application process for the Honors College Scholarship. All students that apply to Michigan State University will be automatically considered for the Honors College.

To begin your application to the Michigan State University and more information on the Honor College Scholarship, kindly visit the official website via; https://admissions.msu.edu/cost-aid/scholarships/international

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