Google Offers Online Certificate Scholarships

Google Offers Online Certificate Scholarships

Google Scholarships include many online certificate scholarships that allows individuals to have access to online classes, for the knowledge of digital intelligence without paying a fee for it. it also offer certificate to the graduating set at the end of the program. certificate that can be used to apply for a job in google and other IT companies.

Google is giving away scholarships so you can earn an online certificate in these three areas:

data analytics;
project management; and
user experience (UX) design

Google will treat these online Google Career Certificates as the equivalent of a four-year degree. Yes, the equivalent of a four-year degree if you apply for a related role at Google.

There are three new Google Career Certificates that you can earn online from this scholarships in an online class:

1. Data Analytics

Google says that data analysts can earn $66,000 a year (median) and analyze data and make data-driven recommendations to inform essential business decisions.

The certificate provides the tools for “navigating the data lifecycle using tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize and gain insights from data.”

2. Project Management

Google says that project managers can earn $93,000 a year (median) and help plan and oversee projects efficiently.

Google says this online certificate focuses on “the foundations of traditional project management, while also offering insight into agile project management.”

3. User Experience (UX) Design

Google says a UX designer can earn $75,000 a year (median) and help create a simpler, more accessible and more enjoyable experience for users.

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Google says this online certificate provides “the foundations of UX design and research, building low-fidelity designs and wireframes, creating high-fidelity prototypes and testing.”

How To Apply: Next Steps

The online certificates are developed solely by Google and take approximately three to six months to complete. There are no prior educational or previous work experience requirements.

The courses are hosted through Coursera, which is an online platform. While Coursera charges a monthly fee, Google will provide 100,000 need-based scholarships to cover the costs. You sign up through Coursera to complete a online certificate.

According to Kent Walker, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Google, Google is also “providing $10 million in grants to the YWCA, NPower and JFF to help workforce boards and nonprofits improve their job training programs and increase access to digital skills for women, veterans and underserved Americans.

” Since 2017, has provided over $200 million in grants to nonprofits working to promote economic opportunity.

These scholarships and online certificates come at a time when more than 40 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The next stimulus package, which may be finalized by August 7, may focus on jobs and the economy.

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