How to create a google voice number

How to create a google voice number

Get a VPN that changes your I.P to a U.S I.P. E.g, hot-spot shield
Get a real U.S Phone Number which will be used to verify your google voice account
After getting a VPN and a US number; you can get a free USA number


  1. Visit the
  2. Sign in to your google account
  3. Or create a new Gmail account
  4. And log into
  5. You will be asked to choose a free number of your choice
  6. You can search for a free number for the location you want
  7. By searching the city zip code or area code
  8. After choosing a number of your choice
  9. Enter a real US Number, you can only enter a real U.S number for this verification process
  10. Verification code will be sent to the real U.S number
  11. Input the code immediately if you delay the code will expire
  12. And you will have to request another one
  13. After that, you have successfully created a google voice number
  14. Go to the setting for calls, messages, and voicemail
  15. Untick the US number you used to get the verification code
  16. So that he/she doesn’t see your chat via google voice
  17. You can use the number for WhatsApp by following the same method
  18. For using primo number to create WhatsApp

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