Each app owner will be given a certain portion of the advertisement given to Google by those brands. This advertisement will be given to you as ad units

What do I mean by ad units?

Ad units.. (short form for adverts units.. )are a set of alphanumeric codes.

These codes will be given to you in the process of creating your AdMob account

These ad units will be inserted into your app ….once it’s in your app It generates a portion of the advertisement given to Google by those brands so whenever someone using your app clicks on that advertisement your AdMob account will be credited automatically

You must have downloaded apps on the play store and in the process of using the app or if you want to get to a specific place in the app an annoying screen will pop up telling you to click or open it. Then you’ll later click on no thanks to leave the screen.. what just happened there is an example of how Admob works.
Once you mistakenly click on the ads shown on that app.. the app’s owner AdMob account will be automatically credited


In our case, we don’t have to wait for anyone to click on our ads in order to get our Admob account credited. Cause a special app has been developed that will let you click on your own ads

To earn on Google Admob You have to do the following

1. Open an AdMob account
2. Create an app in your AdMob account. (just give it a name.)
3. Create ad units
4. Purchase an earning app
5. Get your AdMob account approved by adding your home address.
6. Earn nothing less than 50$ per day using the special earning tricks that will be given to you after purchasing your Admob earning app.

Admob has made a lot of people millionaires by just using their apps daily nothing more nothing less


Step by Step on how to create your Google AdMob account

Do all the things listed below to get ur account approved within d next 24hrs.

*Step 1. Click*

*Step 2.* Sign up with a valid Gmail acct

*Step 3.* Choose Nigeria as your country, choose Lagos as your time zone, and choose the US dollar as a mode of payment. Click next.

*Step 4:* Mark all fields yes on the next page. Then click next/done.

*Step 5* Go to the left-hand side, and click my app. Click on create a new app. You will be asked if your app has been uploaded to the play store. Click NO, only if otherwise

*Step6:* Enter app information (name of the app) (give it any name of your choice that you will not forget)and click on Android

*Step7.* Click on *create ad unit*

You will find three (3) ad units (banner, interstitial, and reward)

*Step 8.* Click on banner and input ad unit name(name it *banner1*) after that click create an ad unit,

*Step 9:* After creating the banner ad unit,
Create another ad unit and this time, click on interstitial and follow the same format …create one interstitial and name it as *interstitial 1*

Then click done.

On the new display, copy out the codes one by one, by clicking on the square box beside d name of each ad unit. And save them somewhere till when you will use them.

save the codes on your notepad or memo. Please don’t create anything as a reward. Only banner1 and Interstitial1. That’s all Click on Done.

*Step 10.* on the left-hand side, click the menu icon and click on payment and fill in your name, current address. *Ignore suburb and address line 2*

*(Please make sure your address is very correct especially the postal code because Google will later send you a verification pin physically to your post office, for you to use to verify your account)*

*Then click save. That’s all.*



*This is how your codes will be arranged after you might have finished your Registration.*

*The above code will be used to earn u money*


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