How To Change Your Gmail Password

How To Change Your Gmail Password

Did you suspect someone accessing your Gmail account without your notice, or you logged in to your Gmail account on a stranger’s device? Well, there is an opportunity to change your Gmail password for security reasons. Follow these steps now, to do that.

  • Open your Google account, you will have to sign in.
  • Navigate to the security section, and click on sign in
  • Right-click on the password, and You might be required to sign in again.
  • Punch in your new password, then right-click on change password.

Change password

Quick notice: Depending on the device you are using, sometimes it may take 24hrs before the new password will become activated.

Reset Your Password

If you want to recover your account, kindly follow these steps.

Some verification questions will be asked, to ascertain whether the account belongs to you or not. And an email will be sent for further verification.

  • If no message is received in minutes, kindly check your spam folder.
  • Choose a password that will be hard to guess by others. Follow this link, to learn more about how to create a strong password

What Happens After You Change Your Password

Once you change your password, you will be signed out of all other devices, except the one you used for the password recovery.

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