How to Hack a Wifi Password

How to Hack a Wifi Password

Wi-Fi networks are accessible by anyone within the router’s transmission radius. Many people place passwords on their WiFi network, to prevent their devices and accounts from being cyber-attacks. Hotspot networks are made available in public places, such as universities, polytechnics, airports, parks, restaurants, etc

In this article, we shall be introducing to you, a simple guide you can use to crack a WIFI password, as well as weaknesses in wireless network security implementations. In addition to this, you will also learn measures you can use to prevent your network from such an attack.

How To Access A Wireless Network

To make use of a wireless network, you will need to have a device that has the feature to use it, such as an Android device, laptop, etc.

Once you on the WiFi network, on your device, it will display to you, several available wifi networks. It will only display the wifi network that you are only within its router’s transmission radius. However, many wifi networks are passworded, and you won’t be able to join the network if you don’t have the password.

Wireless Network Authentication.

Wireless networks are accessible by everyone within the router’s transmission radius. However, you can’t join the network without the password assigned to the network. For this purpose, let’s take a look at some of the authentication techniques most of this WIFI network makes use of.


WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. WEP encrypts all the data on the networks including your password. And it makes it very difficult for others to decrypt. It was developed by the IEEE 802.11 WLAN standards.

WEP Authentication

WEP protects your data and makes sure it’s safe. When others try to access it with the wrong password. It automatically rejects their access to your WIFI network.

WEP Weakness

WEP has lots of flaws and weaknesses, which made it highly deprecated in favor of WAP.


WAP stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It was developed in response to the Weakness of WEP. WAP makes use of 802.11 WLANs, to encrypt data. It has a higher security system than WEP, and it’s a bit hard and technical, to gain access to a WIFI network that uses a WAP security system.

How To Crack A Wi-Fi Network.

WEP Cracking

Cracking a wifi network means gaining unauthorized access to the WIFI network. This is possible by expiring the security weakness or such a wireless network. A wireless network that uses WEP security is quite easy to crack. There are two basic ways you can hack a WIFI network that uses such a security system.

  • Passive Cracking
  • Active cracking

Passive Cracking

This type of hacking is technical and hard to detect. There won’t be any effect on the network traffic until you have successfully gained access to the network.

Active Cracking

This type of cracking is more effective than passive Cracking. But it’s easy to detect due to the effect it has on the network traffic.

WEP Cracking Tools

WEP is quite easy to crack, if you use the right tools, the below tools are effective to crack a wifi network that uses WEP.

  • Webdecrypt: This tool has its own key generator, which it uses to decrypt a WIFI password, follow this link to download the tool
  • Aircrack: This tool is used to sniff on the network, and also crack wifi passwords. You can download the tool at this link
  • Kismet: This tool has multi-functions, it sniffs on the network, detects hidden wifi networks, and also cracks WIFI passwords. The tool can be downloaded here
  • Web crack: This tool is effective in cracking a wireless network password. It can be downloaded here

WPA Cracking.

WAP makes use of 256 pre-shared keys for authentication, which makes its security power very high. However, with the following tools, you will be able to crack WPA keys.

How To Crack Wireless Network, WEP, and WPA keys

You can gain access to a WIFI network that uses both WEP and WPA security keys. Some tools can assist you to crack such security systems.

Furthermore, this kind of cracking will require some active software and enough patience. The success of this work depends greatly on how active and inactive the user of such a network is.

We will provide you with the basic information you need to hack such a security system. However, Backtrack is a software developed by Linux and used for their security operating system. This tool is effective in performing hacking wireless networks. Some of the tool Backtrack possess includes.

  • Wireshark
  • Metasploit
  • Nmap
  • Aircrack-ng
  • Ophcrack

Cracking a WIFI network requires a good amount of patience and continuous practice. In addition to this, to make your work effective, the below tools are needed.

  • Kali Operating System: This operating system is recommended to make your work easier and more effective. You can download the tool here
  • Be within the WiFi transmission radius: If you are near the user, and the network is actively being used. Your chances of cracking the network will be high.
  • Adequate knowledge of Linux-based operating systems and a good knowledge of aircrack (The link to download this tool has been mentioned above, download and learn how to use them)
  • A wireless network adapter that can inject packets (Hardware components)


Hacking a wireless network requires patience and continuous practice. The tools mentioned above will take a lot of your time before you will understand how to use them fully. You can make use of youtube, to understand how these tools work.

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