Velas Domain Name Airdrop

Velas Domain Name airdrop

How to link You Twitter account with velas Domain service

1. First, go to and click on connect wallet(Ethereum Mainnet), choose Metamask, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

2. Next, input your Twitter username without the “@” just like the image below, then click on SET TWITTER USERNAME it will automatically scroll you down to sign a message
Click on the sign message and sign the transaction in your wallet. and after that it will automatically scroll you down again.

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3. Now click on TWEET SIGNATURE and it will redirect you to your Twitter to tweet something, make sure you don’t edit anything, just tweet it like that. after that it should automatically scroll you down again if it doesn’t scroll down yourself.

Now click on VERIFY and sign the transaction and you should see a successful message..

That’s it

Join velas twitter

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