Google Africa Certifications Scholarships 2022

Google Africa Certifications Scholarships 2022

Google Africa Certifications Scholarships; Google is partnering with Pluralsight to give you free access to Pluralsight course content plus support from the Andela Learning Community across three skills development tracks: Mobile Web, Android and Google Cloud.

After completing your desired skills development track, you will be eligible to receive a Google certification grant to take Google’s Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist, and Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams.

Here’s how to get started:

• Register for your desired Google track

• Take a skill assessment and receive your Pluralsight Skill IQAND complete one or more hours of Pluralsight courses

• Complete onboarding survey after registration

Acceptance into this program:

Acceptance into this program is limited, so get started today to ensure you don’t miss out! Applicants will be prioritized based on Pluralsight Skill IQs, the amount of Pluralsight content consumed, and other target demographics.

Your access to the Andela Learning Community is limited to our selection for each session. Additionally, your access to Pluralsight is a maximum of nine months.

This access may end early if you do not advance sessions.

In order to participate in the Google Africa Certification Scholarship program, you must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of a country in Africa.

What’s included:

• Access to expert-led videos, available on-demand with our mobile app and offline capabilities

• Guided skill development with curated paths and channels according to your chosen track

• Skill assessments that help you identify knowledge gaps and strengths, and allow you to share your proficiency on Facebook, Twitter, and Stack Overflow

• Support from the Pluralsight Help Center and the Andela Learning Community to help you complete your track and prepare for your chosen Google certification exam

Ready to Expand Your Mobile Web Skills? Redeem Now

Now’s the perfect time to become an expert mobile web developer.

We’ve put together a selection of courses on the topics covered in Google’s Mobile Web Specialist Certification, so you can build your skills in the most important technologies and prepare to ace your exam.

Why apply?

  • Master in-demand Google developer skills with expert-authored Pluralsight content
  • Receive support from the ALC program
  • Qualify to receive a Google certification grant and take the related Google certification exam for free
  • Opportunity to join Andela as a software engineer. For more information and application details, see;

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