Why you should never do scam or yahoo

Why you should never do scam or yahoo

Have you ever been scammed? How does it feel? Days or weeks of heart break, depression and weakness? Some call it hustle, Hustle at the total expense of someone else hard earned money?

Well, that’s how it will be or expected to be, when some experience worst than just heart break, others experience increased blood pressure and even leads to hospitalization of such victims.

Here on this post, i will outline reasons why you should never scam a fellow humane being like yourself. We have to make it brief and simple.

1. Its a sin, no matter how you try to justify it. But this sin is against your fellow humane, which it can only be forgiven when the victim of the scam forgives the scammer. This point is for those who are Christians though, but whether you are a christian or not, the rules do not change.

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2. possibility of committing murder. Most victims gets depressed, increased blood pressure, some get hospitalized while in some cases, victims commit suicide or dies out of high blood pressure. This is very wrong for someone to die because of your quest for unhealthy riches.

3. Karma is real, it might take time, but it will hit back. Might not be on you, might be on your children or your grand children, that is the truth. What ever goes around comes around. Your generation might suffer what they do not know anything about because of you scammed an innocent person his hard earned money.

4. You will never be proud of what you do. They are many legit hustles to do out there that earns you money with peace of mind and freedom, Which you can be proud of, but for scam, you can never be proud of it.

5. Scam victims sometimes cries to God with a heavy heart, and let me tell you something, God hears the prayer of a broken heart. Its better to be friend of God than to have temporal riches of this world. Everything might look good when you have money, but it will only take time and everything will fade away, can you change the hands of time?

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6. No peace of mind, No matter how you try to play strong or less concern, or no matter how dead your conscience is, it will still keep ringing to your head that you earned it all in a very wrong way, and at many point of your life, you will be scared of some unknown.

7. Efcc do not even keep record of yahoo boys, some are in jail without judgement, some are awaiting trails, some keep paying unknown amount to police and sars to be free.


All these and more, when you can actually have something legit doing and have peace of mind. Note that no amount is too small to scam someone off, once you deceitfully obtain some thing from someone which you knew about, its is a scam. It is important to note that our corrupt politicians are not free from this consequences.

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Yes, i know the society we leave in is hard, the government is corrupt, nothing is moving, sometimes it might seem like there is no hope for good future. But a lot of other successful people have experienced that too. But they started somewhere, find somewhere legit to start up with… It will grow and develop with time.

Of cause, its just an advice. Its left for you to choose which you want. Pressures and pleasures are just a matter of time… The consequences might last longer, be wise.

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