Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship (VCIS) – Korea University

Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship (VCIS) – Korea University

Recognizing the strong ties between Korea University and Macquarie University, the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship (VCIS) – Korea University. Students studying for a Graduate Diploma in Translating and Interpreting at Korea University are eligible to apply for this scholarship, which will be awarded to students completing their Translation and Interpreting master’s program at Macquarie University. The scholarship will be awarded to the highest academic performing student completing their Graduate Diploma

Why Korea University

Korea University began as “Bosung College” in 1905. With a Royal grant from Emperor Gojong of the Korean Empire, Lee Yong-ik (Chungsukgong, 1854-1907), Treasurer of the Royal Household, established the school under the banner, “Education Saves the Country. It is one of the first modern and higher Korean educational institutions founded by a Korean civilian. KU is said to be the birth of modern education.

One of the foundational spirits of KU is a tradition of loyalty and unity which means pursuing inclusiveness, harmony, and attractive power across organizations through strong unity and reconciliation. Another is the tradition of action orientation and bravery which means the hub of active intelligence to lay out the plan for the future of the nation and put it into practice, going beyond simply being a prestigious school in research and education

Korea University aims to nurture talented people from a humanitarian perspective, build their character, develop their capacity to demonstrate personal autonomy, develop their qualities as citizens of a democracy, instill in them the ability and desire to maintain humanitarian principles in their lives, and enable them to contribute to national democratic development and the prosperity of humanity as a whole and build character, nurture a capacity for theory and abstraction, and contribute to the nation and human society

The university’s consistently outstanding performance in terms of academic reputation can be traced to its research-oriented programs, which create a productive ecosystem for researchers to not only generate knowledge but also to contribute to society.

The university aids researchers to publish in international journals by offering manuscript proofreading and promotes collaborative research through interdisciplinary research support grants. The qualitative aspects of research are emphasized, and incentives are provided to pursue research excellence. In addition, the Future Research Grant (KU-FRG) allows researchers to pursue creative and challenging research, large-scale research projects, multidisciplinary research in both fundamental and niche disciplines, as well as international research.

About Macquarie University

Macquarie University was established in 1964 as a bold experiment in higher education. Built to break from traditions and work in tandem with the industry, strives for the extraordinary by challenging convention and embracing different views. Macquarie University which was led by academics and researchers continues its pioneering approach from inventing Wi-Fi with the CSIRO, to enhancing graduate employability through personalized degrees and degrees co-designed with industry.

And to top it all, the recent investments in facilities and infrastructure enable their students and staff to thrive in an environment that is inspiring and switched on to the latest digital technologies.


The scholarship benefit will award up to AUD $7,500 as a one-off payment to each successful and selected applicant.

To be Eligible

Applicants must meet the following requirements before application;

  • Applicants must be full-time international students studying a Master level degree on-campus (or online)
  • Applicants must be enrolled and have studied full-time for the Graduate Diploma at Korea University.
  • Applicant must hold a full offer for one of the courses listed in the ‘Applicable course’ section below (single or double degree).
  • Applicant must commence study in the session and year indicated in your scholarship letter of offer.
  • Applicant must not have received a scholarship or sponsorship from Macquarie University or another organization for the degree (unless stated otherwise by the Scholarship Committee).

How to Apply

There will be no separate application for this scholarship, applicants get selected after meeting the requirements.

The top performing student will be automatically selected and awarded the scholarship offer as part of their Macquarie University offer. To be assessed for this scholarship, make sure you meet the following requirements;

  • You must have successfully lodged an application for the undergrad or postgrad degree you plan to study.
  • You must have met the eligibility criteria for the course you have applied for.

For more information on this scholarship, please see the official website;

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