MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Stanford University

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Stanford University

MasterCard Foundation scholars program is set up to help, educate and prepare young people especially Africans to bring about positive change and make a great social impact in their communities. This project helps or motivates young people of lower financial status with academic talent, insight and has demonstrated leadership qualities to access good quality and pertinent education.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is budgeted to serve about 15,000 young people at both secondary education and tertiary education level. With Africa continent insight – one of the youngest continent in the world and also one of the fastest developing continent, MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program intend to improve the rate of educated youths.

Stanford University is one of the best institutions in the world as of now with quality research, innovations, creativity, competition, and teachings. Being in this institution can be one of the best experiences you don’t want to miss.

Field of Study –  Undergraduate programs

What is the coverage of this scholarship program?

  • Full financial aid – this covers all expenses and more (tuition, accommodation, and more)
  • scholarship recipients commit to spending the summer between their junior and senior years working at an internship somewhere in Africa
  • Regardless of citizenship, All applicants are evaluated in the context and country where they complete their high school education. In addition, Stanford is devoted to mending for the financial need of all admitted students (regardless of citizenship) who have beforehand requested financial aid during the application process.

Note: About 5 Scholarships per Year – offered annually to study at Stanford University

What do I need to apply for this scholarship program?

  • The application process is the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship or country of residence.
  • All applicants must submit the Common Application online through “The Common Application”.
  • Please note that you are applying for the MasterCard Scholarship on the Standard application

Supposed due Date: November 1st ( It’s an annual program)

 How to apply?

Now that you have gotten the necessary information and requirements ready proceed to the website to apply for the scholarship by clicking this link or you can copy of the link to your browser and search –

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