Jamb Accounting Past question and answers pdf download

Jamb Accounting Past question and answers pdf download

Here on this page is the jamb accounting pdf past questions and answers, all you have to do is go down the page and click on the download link.

You can go through the questions and answers stipulated on this page and try it out.

Jamb Accounting Questions And Answers

1. The profit of a branch is usually credited to the

Answer: Branch office goods account

2. Departmental accounts are maintained to ascertain the

Answer: Contribution of each department

3. In a professional partnership, membership must be between

Answer: 2 and 10

4. Profit or loss in a partnership is usually arrived at after deducting from gross profit all expenses including

Answer: Interest on loans

5. The debenture issued at par above the nominal value is said to be issued at a

Answer: Premium

6. Questions: The principal use of control accounts is to
Answer: Localize errors within ledgers

7. When a bill is negotiated at the bank, it is said to be

Answer: Discounted

8. Credit sales were debited to Akpana instead of B. Akpan. This is an error of

Answer: Commission

9. The main objective of the accounting report is to provide information about …

Answer: An entity’s management

10. The purpose of using sales ledger balance to cancel off purchases ledger balance is

Answer: Set off


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