Flinn Scholarship 2022 application | How to apply

Flinn Scholarship 2022 application | How to apply

Flinn Scholarship 2022 application is open and running, for the highest-performing and highest potential students, to choose Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, or the University of Arizona is to choose a flexible, intensely rigorous academic experience.

The size of these universities is an asset, enabling them to offer strong programs in almost any discipline imaginable. It’s a rare Flinn Scholar who doesn’t change majors, and it’s not unusual for a Scholar to graduate in three or even four fields of study—an outcome made possible by the ease with which college credits earned in high school transfer to the university.

Meanwhile, Honors students have experiences one would expect at a top liberal-arts college: small seminar courses, research-intensive thesis projects, and personal guidance from professors who are international experts in their fields.

Each spring, the flinn scholars program offers Arizona’s 20 most accomplished and promising high-school seniors an education distinguished by exceptional resources, flexibility, and opportunity—without a dime of debt.

But here’s the truth: the Flinn Scholarship isn’t about what you get. It’s about who you become and the impact you make. It’s a grand experiment by the Flinn Foundation to prove that giving you a world-class education at an Arizona public university will help us fulfill our mission, to improve the quality of life in Arizona to benefit
future generations.

It’s a grand experiment that has proven true: With that world-class education made possible by the Flinn Scholarship, you can become
an agent of discovery, creativity, and leadership who will make a difference.

Flinn Scholars often describe the community they form as the most meaningful aspect of the Scholars Program. Within that community, Scholars learn from one another continuously, the product of a shared sense of curiosity and eclectic academic interests. Ian Barton (left) chose to study economics and sports business management; Cooper Temple was drawn to economics, too, alongside Arabic.

apply at flinn.org/flinn-scholars/the-scholarship/apply/

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