ALGANT Doctoral Scholarships

ALGANT Doctoral Scholarships

The ALGANT (Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory) Joint Doctorate program is open to all interested graduated students worldwide. The European Union supports the course by financing some six scholarships for doctoral candidates outside the European Union. Other sources of funding are also available and tuition fees are kept at a very reasonable level.
Every doctoral candidate will have to work on a research project under joint supervision at a minimum of two different institutions of the ALGANT consortium.

Admission criteria

The ideal candidate must possess an academic degree from a program in mathematics lasting a minimum of five years (Master). A thorough proficiency in English is required.

Scholarship: Apply – When and How

There should preferably be two steps to follow to complete the application.

1. First, let the consortium know that you wish to participate in the ALGANT Joint Doctorate program before January by sending a preliminary research project. This pre-application is not mandatory but simply encouraged, for you to start making contact with the supervisors you might work with.

2. You should then send your application form with the required documents by February.

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