Waec GCE English Answers 2022

Waec GCE English Answers 2022


The African student should be introduced to poetry through the works of their own poets

To think that poems written by fellow African would be understood, appreciated and enjoyed immediately and without any effort by the African student

Many African poets have not been active in producing works such as notes and commentaries that will help to appreciate both the aesthetic and functional values if African poems

They write poems of value that can yield it’s beauties and so easily to any reader without the reader’s effort



(i) Noun phrase
(ii) It functions as the subject of the verb phrase ‘can yield’

(i) Direction: path, way
(ii) Stages: Phase, period, moment
(iii) Environment: Surroundings, domain, territory
(iv) Naive: Ignorant, Myopic, Artless
(v) Phenomenon: Occurrence, situation, event
(vi) Awareness: Perception, recognization


Without a doubt, Nigeria is one of the richest and most blessed countries not only in Africa but all over the world. The country is blessed with vast and abundant deposit of all sorts of mineral resources. Add to that the availability of land and human capital and you could say the country has everything needed to rub shoulders with any country in the world.
But unfortunately, since Nigeria got it independence from The Great Britain in 1960, it has seen a tragic and unfortunate free fall from grace to grass with each problem leading to an even bigger one ranging from economical, educational, agricultural, infrastructural deterioration but more tragically lack of security to the lives and properties of its citizens.
Corruption at all levels of government is so rampant and frequent that it is becoming almost normalized, embezzlement of public funds by those in power has become lightwork to the elected individuals who are meant to serve the country. It can take a day to list the problems of Nigeria but I would prefer to skip to the most important and main interest of this publication “The Changes I would like to see in my country”.
In order to have a sense of direction, I would categorize these changes into. Education, Economic, Security. Agriculture and Transparency. Starting from education, it is obvious that there is a declining standard of the Nigeria educational system which should trouble the mind of any well meaning Nigerian, because, Education is the bedrock of development. But unfortunately, a lot of problems haunt the education system in Nigeria. The following are a few solutions to the falling educational standard in Nigeria: Increase funding to education sector, bringing an end to examination malpractice. establishment of more vocational and technical centers, free and quality education, proper equipping of schools, regular review of schools curricula to make changes, improving welfare of teachers to name of few.
Moving to economic, there are some ideas that can improve the Nigerian economy which I believe if applied can improve the economy of Nigeria. There are as follows: fixing electricity I Nigeria, discouraging insurgency in Nigeria, prioritizing Nigerian made products, improvement of law and order, encouragement of innovations, providing grants and interest free loans to qualified entrepreneurs to list a few.
Regards to security, it is important for the public to rise to assist the government, communities prone to attack must be vigilant, the military must be up and doing. religious leaders should enlighten their followers, empowering the armed forces, serving justice to those involve in insecurity.
On agriculture, farmers should be provided with modern farming machines, proper sensitizing, storage facilities, quality seeds and fertilizers etc.
In terms of transparency, any public official and citizen caught engaging in corruption should be prosecuted and the law take it cause on him or her. If the aforementioned steps are to be taken, the country can be able to recover itself and see significant and positive changes that will bring progress to our dear country.


-The need for more people to build their own homes and not necessarily purchase them

-The mad rush for money it construct one’s house as this is a connotation that one has not become fulfilled until you build and dwell in your own house

-Almost all the construction materials including cements are purchased from outside the country

The of high cost of cement can be tackled;

-If we allow willingness to buy locally made construction materials

-If the government and private bodies are ready to offer their full support

-For the time being, the government can bring in construction materials

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