Waec English Answers 2022

Waec English Answers 2022

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*(5) Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown*

This saying explains the fact that it is difficult to be a leader and even more difficult to be at th helm of affairs. When one sees himself in a position of authority, a lot is expected from that person. The individual faces a lot of ups and downs. If he is a good leader, many will admire him and many will also hate him. No matter the level of your good governance you must have oppositions and criticism even from your own people.

A true story of this adage can be seen from the life of Moses whom God appointed to lead the people of Israel when they were suffering in the land of Egypt. After they might have cried for many years, he decided to deliver them from the hands of the Egyptians, to send them to the promised land. (the land flowing with milk and honey). To accomplish this. God called Moses and gave him the crown of leadership to lead the people of Israel out of the land of affliction.

When he started his leadership career. he was finding things very difficult, as he had several encounters, problems and challenges with God, with Pharoah, the Egyptian, the Isrealites and even with his household. As the mantle of leadership rested on Moses, he started acting according to God’s instruction. In the process he discovered that to be a leader entails a lot of responsibilities. In the first instance, the people refused to believe and hearken to him. He was accused of usurping powers, hence the question “who made you a king and a ruler over us?” From that moment he realized the fact that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
Although Moses was made a god over Pharaoh his leadership tenure wasn’t a bed of roses. When they were finally allowed to leave Egypt, they made their journey in the wilderness and they encountered a lot of problems. They were worried and resorted to blaming and insulting Moses. Their disgusting murmuring increased day-in-day-out against Moses and his God, despite the glory of the Lord that accompanied them. Notwithstanding, they hearkened not unto Moses. They complained when they were hungry. They murmured against Moses and he cried to God and they were given manna. When they were thirsty they complained bitterly against Moses. Again Moses cried to God they were given water.
Many a time the people murmured against Moses saying, “take us back to Egypt. You have brought us out of Egypt to kill us and our children”. As they were about to stone him, he cried unto the Lord. Moses as a leader was bearing the burden of leadership alone and it was not easy on him at all.
The behaviour of the Isrealites in the wilderness aggrieved Moses especially when they started worshiping false gods. Out of annoyance, he broke the table containing the commandments of God. As a result of that, the wrath of God came upon him. This particular offence/encounter denied Moses the opportunity of entering the promised land. He later paid with his dear life.
From this story, one can see actually that it is not easy to be a leader, hence the popular saying “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”.


Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown
Essay : [Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown]

The saying occurs in Shakespeare’s drama, Henry IV. This comes out of the lips of Henry IV, King of England, who in spite of his vast wealth and great might, is unable to have a wink of sleep because he is overburdened with distressing thoughts about kingdom. As king of his country he is responsible for looking after the well being, safety and undisturbed life of his people. But when he finds that this is being shattered by forces he is unable to cope with he is full of remorse. So, he cannot have the balmy sleep which even his insignificant subject is enjoying.
This brings to us very clearly the difference between a responsible man and a man who has no responsibilities whatsoever. A really responsible person has very little time to think for himself. He is all the time concerned with the comforts and well being of those who are dependent on him. A poor man can beg from door to door, cook his food, eat it and then fall into sleep and snore. His life is an undisturbed one save for his own belly. For he is not concerned in any way with others as he has nothing to do for them.
But the case of a man on whom others depend is quite a different one. His sense of duty for his dependants is such a burden on him that he can neither ignore it nor avoid it. He is, therefore, bound to forget all about himself and devote himself heart and soul to do his best for them. Because the mother knows that the life of her small child depends upon her tender care, she passes her night sleeplessly whereas the child sleeps soundly. Because the husband knows that he is responsible for maintaining his wife and children, he has to leave his comfortable bed and go out to the dangerous sea to earn money to feed them. The anxiety which makes the head of a family restless is scarcely shared by his sons and daughters. The anxiety of the head of a state, when there is a natural calamity or war, can never be adequately realized by an ordinary citizen.
From what has been said above, it will be perfectly clear that the, more responsible is a man the more are his anxieties and the less are his chances for personal Comforts. The head that wears a crown of responsibilities thus lies ever uneasy.


(i) Youths engaged in armed robbery with the intention to boost their status
(ii) They engaged in armed robbery to obtain money and valuables
(iii) They engaged in armed robbery due to unemployment

(i) Parents should instil good values in their in children and should not hesitate to correct them early in life
(ii) Monitoring of places with high incidence of crime by law enforcement authorities
(iii) Provision of social amenities by the government


(i) Youths engaged in armed robbery with the intention to boost their status
(ii) They engaged in armed robbery to obtain money and valuables
(iii) They engaged in armed robbery due to unemployment

(i) Parents should instil good values in their in children and should not hesitate to correct them early in life
(ii) Monitoring of places with high incidence of crime by law enforcement authorities
(iii) Provision of social amenities by the government

Another number 5 ????????

Uneasy lies the head

that wear crown

Short Story on “Uneasy lies the head that wear crown”

Once there lived a rich man in a city, who had a poor cobbler as his neighbour. The cobbler worked hard in the day and sang gleefully late in the night. The rich man got envious of his jollification and one day called him and said, “Poor as you are, you cannot enjoy life as I can, but still you are happier than I. Can you tell inc the reasons for that ?” The cobbler replied, “Sir, I am poor, no doubt, but I am happy because I have no cares, I spend what I earn and trust God for the future You are rich but have worries about your riches and as such you are unhappier.

To test the truth of his statement, the rich man gave the cobbler a bag full gold coins. The cobbler took the bag home and burned it in a room. Since then, the cobbler began to worry about the safety of the money. He could not work whole-heartedly and could not sleep soundly lest the bag was stolen. The worry began to tell upon his health. So he took the bag out and taking it to the rich man, returned it. Saying, “This money has robbed me of my content, serene and placid life. Please take it back so that I may get my lost jollity and jocundity again.” He, thereafter, remained as cheerful and happy as he was before getting the money.

But Alani was an intelligent child and performed brilliantly at school

(i) Hard work
(ii) Dedication and huge amount of money and time he invested in the venture

Alani treated his clients shabbily

Alani was the architect of this business’ downturn and not his employees’

Alani had a rethink when five of his workers resigned on the same day

Experiencing difficulties/likely to fail

(i) Adjectival clause/Relative clause
(ii) It modifies the noun phrase Alani’s secretary

(i) Medals
(ii) Support
(iii) Prominent
(iv) Enterprise
(v) Proud
(vi) Went down

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