Waec gce English answers 2022

Waec gce English answers 2022

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41-50: ADDD##BADC
61-70: AADD


Singapore is a small country which is speculated to be not so great as other big countries



When they are properly managed and being processed into finished goods, they can generate lots of income for the citizens.



The writer considers knowledge as the most vital consideration for a nation to be great



Good governance helps in provision of tranquil environment that enhances development of a nation.



[Pick any Two]

(i) Presence of natural resources

(ii) Existence of finished products from the natural resources

(iii) Good governance



To explore ideas that are creative and unusual and that are not limited.



(i) Adverbial clause of condition

(ii) It modifies the verb “might”



(i) Perpetually – continually

(ii) Determine – decide

(iii) Know-how – knowledge

(iv) Unalloyed – unreserved

(v) Conventional – regular

(vi) Limitless – boundless


*Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right*

Two wrongs don’t make a right … or do they? It all started when I was in the woods with my friends, we were so bored I can’t even describe it to you. I was so bored I thought my head was going to blast off into planet boredom.

So I came up with an idea. “Hey why don’t we go to that creepy village deep into the Woods?”

“What village?” My best friend Emma asked with a confused face.

“Yeah what village?” my other friend Jake asked with a confused tone.

“You know the one that our mums always said not to go to, the one where we cannot go past the old tree house.”

“Oh” They both say seaming to understand it now.

“I don’t think we should go there” Emma whispers as if someone was watching.

“Come on were so bored sitting here” I groan.

“Well OK.” Jake mumbles.

So that’s how our journey started off we went to start one unforgettable adventure.

As we passed the tree house what seemed to be a lovely, bright and colourful woods suddenly turned into a dark scary and unfamiliar place.

“Where are we?” Emma whispers clenching my shoulder.

“It looks like were in the freaky village” I whisper back

We walk in closer all frightened linking arms as we get closer to this one house. It was dark and covered in cobwebs it was the scariest house I’ve ever seen. O knock on the door all frozen no one answered. Suddenly the door swung open revealing nothing but a voice

“Get out you should of never come here you will regret this!

We ran as fast as we could all the way to my house. At my house we ran straight to my room cuddling up to my stuffed toys.

I’m never doing that again says Emma pulling the tiger closer.

“Me neither that was scary” Jake agreed

“No I’m going back I’m with or without you I don’t care what you guys think. I stamped my foot.

“Why, you know what the guy said you will regret coming back. Jake questioned.

“There is always a reason why people do things and I’m going to find out his. I leave with no questions asked.

That night I leave with a couple supplies. As I knock on the door it swings open again. I warned you, he yelled.

I-I now but before you do anything to me, I just wanted to tell you that I bray you some gifts.

Gifts? He questions

“Yes I wanted to know what was going on.”

‘What do mean?” he questions yet again

“well you know people do things for a reason, so I want to know why you scared me and my friends”.

“Well I only scared you and your friends off like that because I never really get visitors’ he answered

“I get it now” I whisper

So the mystery was solved and we became best friends

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