Waec gce biology practical answers 2021

Waec gce biology practical answers 2021

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C – Caterpillar
D – Mosquito larva

Larva stage


(i) They have osmeterium which produces chemicals to ward off predators
(ii) Their color enables them to camouflage

(i) Breathing tube or siphon for breathing
(ii) They have feeding apparatus to undergo filter feeding


(i) Presence of true legs
(ii) Presence of prolegs
(iii) Absence of anal gills
(iv) Absence of comb scales

(i) Absence of true legs
(ii) Absence of prolegs
(iii) Presence of anal gills
(iv) Presence of comb scales

(i) They both posses antennae
(ii) They both have a pair of simple eyes

(i) It destroys citrus plants
(ii) It serves as food to some animals

C – In trees like orange trees
D – In stagnant water bodies like drainage ditches

(i) By introducing fishes like tilapia to prey on them
(ii) By draining water bodies they are found in
(iii) By spraying the surface of water with oil to inhibit brearhing


G – Bird

H – Lizard


I – Tail

II – Wing

III – Beak

IV – Claws

V – Eyes

VI – Digit

VII – Gular fold

VIII – Tail


(i) Presence of claw

(ii) Presence of tail

(iii) Presence of scales

(iv) Presence of eyes




(i) Presence of beak

(ii) Presence of wing

(iii) Presence of neck

(iv) Absence of gular fold

(v) Absence of nuchol crest


(i) Absence of beak

(ii) Absence of wing

(iii) Absence of neck

(iv) Presence of gular fold

(v) Presence of nuchol crest


G – Aves

H – Reptilia


G – Terrestrial habitat

H – Terrestrial habitat


(i) Possession of beak for catching insects and cracking seeds

(ii) Possession of three toes in the front and one toe in the back make perching easy.


(i) Possession of detachable tail for safety to escape from the predator

(ii) Possession of four legs and powerful limb to escape from the predator


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