Waec FISHERY PRACTICAL answers 2022

Waec FISHERY PRACTICAL answers 2022

(i)To avoid injury/cut
(ii) To prevent transfer of germs to fish

(i) Gas
(ii) Electricity
(iii) Wood/Firewood
(iv) coconut chaff

(i) Salt
(ii) Bowl
(iii) Sieves
(iv) Smoking drum
(v)Wood shavings matches

Source of carbohydrate for fish feed production

– Soybeans meal
– Rice polish
– Wheat bran

– Insect meal
– Corn gluten
– Barley
It is used for agriculture purposes. It is a rotary machine in which an impeller rotates inside a casing, draws in the liquid at its center, and throws out the liquid through an opening at the side of the casing due to centrifugal force.

(i) Temperature
(ii) Dissolved oxygen
(iii) PH
(iv) Conductivity
(v) ORP, and Turbidity

To obtain a measurement, the disk is lowered into the water while observing the depth at which it disappears. It is lowered some more and then raised while observing the depth at which it reappears. The Secchi disk measurement is the average of the two observations. Secchi disks can also be used to monitor the degree of suspended clay particles in your pond.

Source of carbohydrates for fresh food production

(i)Rice polish
(ii)Wheat bran

Brewer’s spent grains
Canola meal
Single-cell protein

(i) It is Used to dig large holes and transport heavier materials such as wet soil and rocks
(ii) Its sharp edges can cut the roots and sods as well as break up compacted soil.

(i)It’s used for digging
(ii) It’s used for moving bulk materials

(i) After using your shovel or fork, stick the blade or tines into the sand a couple of times to remove dirt and oil the tool.
(ii) Knock off any obvious dirt and debris and scrub stubborn areas with a wire brush.
(iii) Rinse with a garden hose, and wipe the handle with a clean cloth.

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